Karak Castle retrieves 6,000 artifacts

karak castle
Karak Castle. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN Karak Castle, which was constructed around 900 years ago, has retrieved more than 6,000 artifacts that were transferred to Amman for storage in antiquities warehouses over five years ago when cracks appeared in the western wing of the castle, according to a local news outlet.اضافة اعلان

The artifacts were displayed in a room in Karak Castle through 2017, when cracks appeared in the walls cracked. The restoration of the room took five years, during which the Department of Antiquities in Amman kept the artifacts in storage. They were returned on Sunday after the restoration of the room was completed.  

The Karak Antiquities Department plans to display the 6,035 artifacts in the city museum.

Meanwhile, the cracks that appeared in the castle wall may pose a threat for the distant future of the castle, as the damage occurred because of the geological composition of the rocks on which the castle is built. However, the castle is considered stable for the time being.

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