Jordanians take the prize at Prince Charles’ Prince’s Trust Awards

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AMMAN — Three young Jordanians won the inaugural Prince’s Trust Group’s Sustainability Award, for “EcoRoad”, an ingenious way to use speed bumps to generate electricity, according to Ammon News.اضافة اعلان

The awards ceremony, which was held at the Royal Drury Lane Theatre in London, celebrated young people from various Prince’s Trust programs, and was broadcast across the UK for the first time in the program’s 17-year history on ITV.

For most people, speed bumps are a common and unremarkable phenomenon for maintaining road safety, but for a team of young entrepreneurs in Jordan, they are an inspiration. Zaid, aged 15, Maya and Mohammed have come up with “EcoRoad”, adapting bumps to absorb and transform dynamic energy from passing cars, and then storing electricity in batteries for sale.

The EcoRoad team has now received initial funding to develop their idea, and the prototype is under technical development with a local company.

The group developed and implemented the idea in Prince’s Trust International’s Project Challenge Program in partnership with local organization “Injaz”. Having already outscored more than 2,300 participants to be crowned the winner of the National Projects Challenge, the team is now a double champion taking home the Sustainability Award.

The team’s idea was assessed based on its environmental and societal impact, innovative approaches, resource use, and ease of application in different regions.

The winning team described that “winning this award means a lot to us as a team. This will help us inspire other young people to bring about change. I suggest that all young students invest their time in projects like this - it’s important for our future and for everyone around us, as we look to build a more sustainable life”.

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