Jordanians rank 5th most stressed worldwide — Gullup index

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AMMAN — Jordan ranked fifth in the list of the global stress index issued by research company Gallup this month. The poll focused on a central question: What is the world’s emotional temperature?اضافة اعلان

The report, which covered the period between the second half of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, stated that 35 percent of Jordanians suffer from anger, 54 percent felt physical pain and anxiety, 58 felt stress, and 39 percent felt sadness. Only 47 percent felt enjoyment and only 38 percent said yes when asked if they had learned or did something interesting yesterday. Index scores worldwide ranged from a high of 85 in Panama to a low of 32 in Afghanistan, which is the lowest score that Gallup has measured for any country since the index’s inception.

The Lebanese topped the list as the “most angry” in the world at 49 percent, with Turkey ranking second, followed by Armenia and Iraq.

It is noteworthy that the study is based on 10 aspects including anger, sadness, anxiety, pain, stress, restfulness, enjoyment, knowledge, and laughter.

Although most people around the world felt well-rested in 2021, the last time the percentage was this low was in the middle of the global economic crisis in 2008. In the span of a year, the percentage of people who said they felt well-rested dropped from 72 percent to 69 percent. Many countries moved in a negative direction in 2021, including double-digit declines in several higher-income countries such as the US, Finland, and Italy. Lebanese were the least likely in the world to say they felt well-rested, with 27 percent saying they felt this way the previous day — which is a 17-point decline from 2020 and a new record low for the world.

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