Jordanian products’ access to Palestine market helps economic recovery — ACC

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) said Saturday that enhanced access to the Palestinian market for Jordanian products will hasten the national economy’s recovery from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

In an interview with Petra, the ACC Chairman Khalil Haj Tawfiq said solidarity with the Palestinian economy is a duty in light of the distinguished and historic Jordanian-Palestinian relations.

He lauded the government’s efforts and Royal directives to facilitate Jordanian access to the Palestinian market despite “Israeli obstacles”.
Haj Tawfiq expressed his hope that the next stage would see a new beginning for bilateral trade and investment.

“The Paris Protocol is an obstacle to developing Jordanian-Palestinian economic relations," Haj Tawfiq said, and called for putting pressure on the international community to amend the agreement.

The Paris Protocol, signed in 1994 by the Palestinian Authority and Israel, curbed the Palestinian economy's growth by restricting trade between Palestine and Israel, primarily.

Haj Tawfiq said that the ACC will work to increase coordination with Palestinian commercial organizations and arrange for visits for traders and importers.
He called for activating cooperation agreements signed between the Jordanian chambers of commerce and their Palestinian counterparts.

According to the ACC statistics, the volume of trade exchanged between Jordan and the Palestinian Authority during 2020 stood at around JD140 million, of which JD108 million were exports to the Kingdom. 

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