Jordanian kidnapped in Syria returns to Kingdom

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriate
(File photo: JNews)
AMMAN — Abdulkareem Quteish, 67, who was abducted in Syria since December 30, is returning to Jordan on Saturday, Khaberni reported.اضافة اعلان

Quteish, who lived in Salt’s Sallam neighborhood, was kidnapped a few days into his visit to Damascus. The abductors held him for a $100,000 ransom and had him contact his family for the money.  

The Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates followed up on the case as soon as it was informed.

His son, Yazan Quteish, confirmed in a statement on Saturday, that his father had been retrieved by the Jordanian Embassy in Damascus and the Jordanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He added that he does not have any further details about the event or where his father will arrive. However, he said that his father was in a good condition, according to assurances obtained by the embassy. 

A ‘complex’ caseA source from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates told Al-Ghad that prior to his release, the ministry of foreign affairs has been following up with Faouri’s case and related facts and developments since it first received the family’s report.

The ministry had communicated with the Syrian authorities immediately through the Kingdom’s embassy in Damascus.

“These cases are very complex and require careful very precise measures that may take some time,” the source noted.

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