Jordanian Field Hospital in Gaza Performs Critical Femur Surgery

Jordanian Field Hospital in Gaza Performs Critical Femur Surgery
Amman - The Jordanian Field Hospital Gaza/78 continues its mission to provide essential medical and humanitarian care in the Gaza Strip.
اضافة اعلان
On Saturday, the hospital's medical team performed a critical surgery to stabilize an open fracture in the lower femur of a patient.

The hospital force commander reported that the procedure was conducted by a specialized team of orthopedic and joint surgeons, along with anesthesiologists.

In May alone, the hospital has addressed 5,064 cases, which included 31 major operations, 4 minor operations, and one maternity case, he said.

An orthopedic surgeon from the team detailed that the patient had sustained a severe open fracture at the bottom of the right femur, which resulted in significant bone fragmentation and tissue damage.

The surgical intervention involved the installation of a metal plate and screws, and the removal of an external fixator in the Jordanian Field Hospital due to it being the sole operational hospital in northern Gaza.

The patient’s family expressed gratitude to His Majesty King Abdullah II and acknowledged the efforts of the hospital staff in mitigating the impacts of the war on Gaza's civilian population.

Since the commencement of their mission in the Gaza Strip, the Jordanian Field Hospital's medical personnel have treated 3,475,393 cases.

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