Jordanian Consumer Sentiment Index shows a 4.3-point increase — Ipsos

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AMMAN — The Ipsos Jordanian Consumer Sentiment Index (JCSI) has shown a 4.3-point increase between the second and third quarters of 2022, unlike the global level index, which shows decline for the same period, according to the company’s website. اضافة اعلان

Jordan’s consumer sentiment index rose three spots and now ranks 19th globally amongst countries where Ipsos conducts the sentiment index survey, above Poland, Turkey, and others.

That said, almost seven in 10 Jordanians continue to have a negative outlook of the economic situation in Jordan, primarily driven by their concerns regarding the high cost of living/inflation and unemployment.

In addition, three out of five Jordanians cite inflation as one of the most worrying reasons at the moment. However, despite global headwinds, the economic recovery in Jordan is expected to remain steady in 2022.

Six out of 10 Jordanians believe they have a weak financial position, and almost half expect their current financial position to remain the same in the next six months. While sentiments regarding the future have historically been negative, this changed in the third quarter of 2022 as most Jordanians have an increasing and positive outlook.
... Three out of five Jordanians cite inflation as one of the most worrying reasons at the moment. ...
Moreover, Jordanians’ confidence in the investment climate increased by 4 points on the index, and this is reflected in the 7 percentage point increase in their ability to save money for their retirement or the education of their children.

There was also a 4 percentage point increase in their confidence in making large purchases (such as car or house) and a 5 percentage point increase in purchases of household durables.

Despite the financial concerns, unemployment is no longer a primary concern for Jordanians, as citizens view the current state of the labor market as having taken a more positive trajectory.

There is an 8 percentage point decrease in the number of Jordanians who reported having lost their job, or knowing people who lost their job, in the past six months, compared to the second quarter of 2022. Overall, this caused a 4 percentage point increase in confidence when it came to their job security, even though unemployment is an important concern for Jordanians.

The JCSI is a quarterly national survey that sheds light on consumers’ attitudes toward current and future state of the local economy, personal finance situations, as well as savings and confidence to make large investments.

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