Jordan anticipates the arrival of 9 cargo ships at Aqaba Port

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AMMAN — President of the Jordanian Logistics Association (JLA), Nabil Khatib, announced that approximately nine ships are expected to arrive at Aqaba Port in the coming days as per Al-Mamlaka TV. These ships will unload their cargo, and load an estimated 6,000 containers carrying various goods which are ready for export.اضافة اعلان

Khatib stated that the ship, Alon Hai, operating under Wan Hai Leins Company, is expected to arrive at Aqaba Port next Monday. The ship recently passed through the Bab el-Mandeb Strait on its way to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, before heading to Aqaba.

Khatib emphasized that the arrival of these ships brings positive signs for easing challenges faced by importers and exporters due to disruptions in Red Sea shipping, pointing out that the altercations in routes from Bab el-Mandeb to Cape of Good Hope incur additional costs and result in a minimum delay of three to four weeks in goods arrival.

Approximately, 60.9 percent of Jordan's total imports, including equipment, vehicles, fabrics, clothing, and food items, are transported through containers via the Bab al-Mandeb, Khatib said, adding that the majority of these imports come from countries such as China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Furthermore, exports for Jordanian goods through Bab el-Mandeb constitute around 25 percent of total exports, predominantly featuring salt, sulfur, fertilizers, and phosphate. These exports are mainly destined for India, China, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Australia, and Japan.

Khatib further highlighted that shipping routes' changes have led to a surge in shipping costs, impacting both imports and exports, pointing out the challenges faced by Jordan's trade, including increased sea freight prices globally, extended maritime journey times, and disruptions in supply chains.

Moreover, he pointed out that the shipping fees from the Far East increased by 200 percent, while those from Europe and the US rose by 100 percent. Additionally, export shipping fees increased by about 100 percent.

Despite these challenges, the number of containers arriving in Jordan increased by 1.3 percent in 2023, reaching 445,678 containers compared to 439,975 in 2022. Similarly, the number of containers exported from Jordan increased by 12.1 percent in 2023, reaching 135,353 containers compared to 120,743 in 2022.

Khatib stressed the importance of resolving challenges arising from the Red Sea shipping crisis and maintaining Aqaba Port's competitive position in the region.

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