Jordan BDS calls to cut the lights off on Saturday

(Photo: Freepik)
AMMAN — Jordan’s Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement (Jordan BDS) called upon Jordanians to participate in a campaign called “cut the power”, protesting against the gas treaty signed between Jordan and Israel.اضافة اعلان

This “peaceful form of protest” will be held next Saturday, June 5, from 10–11pm, and aims to “apply pressure on the government.” It will cost the government and the National Electricity Power Company (NEPCO) around JD300,000 in estimated losses.

Former MP Deema Tahboub told Jordan News that “Participating in this campaign is a great step to form pressure on the government. Perhaps they would stop buying gas stolen from the Palestinian Territories.

“In the absence of effective action by the government, the Cabinet, and Parliament, people have to step in and show the world that this deal does not represent the honorable Jordanian citizens,” she added.

“We have two Jordanian citizens detained (in Israeli jail) cells, and a young man, Raed Zeeter, who was allegedly shot by” Israeli occupation forces, Tahboub said, adding that “Jordan is slowly losing the strategic and valuable position that we spent decades trying to claim.”

She also mentioned that the government had the opportunity to repeal the deal via a “force majeure” clause in the treaty, which would allow either party to cancel the contract without penalty in the event of any circumstances beyond their control.

“The government could have cancelled the treaty when COVID-19 first hit the Kingdom, taking into consideration that these $10 billion could have helped our destroyed economy after and during the pandemic,” Tahboub said.

The former lawmaker continued, “In addition, some of the occupation’s gas supply stations were destroyed in the recent war, which must have lowered the amount of gas we have been receiving over the past month — another fair and just motive to break the deal.”

Tahboub also pointed out that NEPCO highly benefits from the gas treaty, but is “somehow still $5.5 billion in debt”, and according to the Jordanian power companies law, NEPCO should have been liquidated a long time ago, since it is heavily indebted.

Hala Ahed, an activist and member of Jordan BDS, told Jordan News that “This campaign is a part of several national campaigns that the Jordanian society has been implementing since 2014, to express our rejection of signing the gas treaty.

“The gas deal threatens Jordan’s sovereignty and its energy security. Our only source of energy is in the hands of the occupation. Instead of spending $10 billion to support Israel, we could have invested in local companies to produce and export our own gas,” Ahed added.

According to studies conducted by Jordan BDS and several other institutions, 54 percent of the gas deal money goes straight into Israel’s treasury.

“The purpose of our campaign is not to harm NEPCO, because after all, it’s considered a national company. We just want to give people who cannot join us at Rabieh the opportunity to protest from home,” she said.

Rasha Zakareya, a social media user, told Jordan News that “I encourage all people to participate in the campaign, as a symbolic move to reject the normalization of dealing with Israel, although we’re forced to do so.”

Ahmad Abaza, another social media user, told Jordan News that he will definitely participate in the campaign on Saturday, as he believes that cancelling the treaty would “liberate Jordan from unnecessary international pressure to maintain the existence of Israel in the Middle East.”

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