JFDA withdraws cosmetics from markets for ‘high percentage of mercury’

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Jordan’s Food & Drug Administration (JFDA) annulled the Golden Pearl Cosmetics trading license on Sunday and requested the concerned authorities to withdraw the product from local outlets.اضافة اعلان

A source at the JFDA, who spoke to Jordan News on condition of anonymity, said the action was part of a monitoring program that aims to ensure the safety of whitening creams that usually contain mercury, which proved to be unsafe for the skin.

JFDA conducts tests on cosmetics sold in the local market to ensure compliance with safety standards and imposes penalties on violations of safety protocols.  The JFDA source said lab tests carried out on Golden Pearl products showed high levels of mercury, exceeding set standards.

Pharmacist Israa Bitar said she was pleased with the JFDA decision as high mercury levels “have a considerable impact on a human being’s mental health,” adding that the side effects may not be evident immediately and “could manifest in the long run."

Bitar said that products that contain certain chemical elements must only be used upon a doctor’s prescription, noting that an example of such ingredient is hydroquinone, which is present in Golden Pearl creams.  

The head of the cosmetics and accessories dealers union Mahmoud Al-Jalees told Jordan News that there is cooperation with the competent authorities to safeguard the safety of cosmetics sold at local markets.  “We keep the JFDA constantly informed about new products so they can check them for safety, validity or expiry.”

Golden Pearl, according to the brand’s website, is a leading skin care and personal care products company in Pakistan, and a trendsetter in the whitening and beauty creams market.  Its wide-ranging products promise “glow-boosting,” “whitening,” and “maximum light.”

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