JEF webinar provides insights to reform Jordan's tax system

(Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN— Members of the Jordan Economic Forum ( JEF) presented many insights to reform Jordan's tax system and address distortions in a way that reflects on growth of national economy, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

During a virtual JEF dialogue session held recently, the forum's members stressed the need to enhance tax awareness, raise auditor competency and expand the taxpayer base, as well as updating citizens with "all transparency of the aspects of spending tax collections," according to a JEF statement.

To launch the reform-driven path, the members highlighted the importance of accelerating completion of the billing system, expanding tax settlements, expediting payment of private sector refunds and monitoring some professions to reduce tax evasion.

Stressing the importance of propagating tax culture, they called on government to turn tax revenues to services, with an impact "sensed by all."

During the session, Chairman of the JEF Board of Directors, MP Khair Abu Sa'ilek, lauded level and efficiency of the tax administration "recently," which has made "remarkable" strides in tax reform, adding that additional steps should be made in this regard.

Abu Sa'ilek also stressed the need to promote tax culture, calling on the gov't to play a media role in this regard.

To end tax-related collection distortions, he stressed the need to better qualify tax auditors, referring to complaints related to their practices made in violation of law.

Abu Sa'ilek also called for intensifying integration of e-channels to audit and inspect taxpayers, stressing the need to balance direct and indirect levies and revisit the sales tax.

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