JCC president advocates for Arab innovation platform

JCC president advocates for Arab innovation platform
Amman - President of the Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC), Khalil Al-Hajj Tawfiq, has called for the establishment of an Arab innovation platform, to bolster efforts towards achieving a sustainable, technologically advanced, and prosperous economy.اضافة اعلان

According to a statement by the Chamber on Thursday, Al-Hajj Tawfiq emphasized the pivotal role of innovation in enhancing productivity, creating new job opportunities, and improving the quality of products and services. He believes that fostering innovation will strengthen the competitiveness of the economy and lead to the emergence of new sectors such as biotechnology and renewable energy.

During his participation in the "AIM Investment Summit 2024" in Abu Dhabi, moderated by Secretary-General of the Union of Arab Chambers Khaled Hanafi, Al-Hajj Tawfiq highlighted the potential of the Arab region to overcome current economic challenges and progress towards a more prosperous future. He stressed the importance of raising awareness about innovation and promoting sustainable investment to capitalize on the region's immense opportunities.

Al-Hajj Tawfiq commended Jordan's efforts to promote innovation in the technology and communications sector through support for startups and investment in technological innovation. He cited initiatives aimed at enhancing economic competitiveness, improving the business environment, and promoting environmental sustainability through projects like solar and wind energy.

He emphasized that Jordan's commitment to fostering innovation is reflected in its educational initiatives encouraging creative thinking and entrepreneurship, as well as training programs to enhance innovative capacities. Efforts to develop sustainable tourism underscore Jordan's holistic approach to economic development.

Additionally, Al-Hajj Tawfiq outlined Jordan's initiatives to support startups and innovative companies, including the establishment of entrepreneurship support centers, the provision of necessary funding, and the development of educational and training programs to enhance human capacities in innovation and technology. He also highlighted Jordan's support for the creation of free zones and special technology zones to attract investments towards promising sectors like technology, renewable energy, and sustainable tourism.

Furthermore, Al-Hajj Tawfiq outlined the government's multifaceted measures to enhance sustainability across different sectors. These include promoting the efficient use of water resources, encouraging the use of renewable energy, launching initiatives for tree planting, and promoting sustainable agriculture to preserve biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

According to the Global Innovation Index 2023 by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Jordan ranked 71 globally with a score of 28.2 out of 100, showcasing its commitment to innovation-driven growth.

Moreover, Al-Hajj Tawfiq emphasized the need for Arab governments to stimulate investment in key sectors, enhance regulatory environments, and develop human resources capable of leveraging modern technologies.

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