JAEC seeks to produce 800 tonnes of yellowcake annually

nuclear power plant with cooling towers
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AMMAN — The Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) is continuing its efforts to produce yellowcake through the uranium mining project and to carry out systematic exploration operations in the central region of Jordan. اضافة اعلان

According to Khaled Toukan, chairman of the JAEC, the commission aims to produce 400 tonnes of yellowcake annually, which could be increased to 800 tonnes per year.

Potential uranium reserves in Jordan are estimated to be around 42,000 tonnes of yellowcake, said Toukan, adding that all uranium mining project development work is carried out according to international standards to ensure completion of all requirements and to calculate risks and returns clearly.

Jordan has achieved scientific and technological accomplishments in the field of atomic energy that are recognized by the International Atomic Energy Agency and global forums and conferences.

This progress, said Toukan, is attributed to the vision and directives of His Majesty King Abdullah towards transferring and localizing nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.

Exploration and exploitation

The Jordanian Uranium Mining Company has been established with the aim of exploration, mining, and exploitation of nuclear materials such as uranium, thorium, or any other nuclear minerals in Jordan, according to the general manager, Mohammad Al-Shannag.

The company has been successful in developing the uranium project in the central region of Jordan in line with international technical and legislative practices, he said.

The company continues its work to cover all technical aspects of the project, following progress achieved in estimating the raw material sources. He added that it achieved significant results in the engineering aspects of designing the industrial process of uranium extraction.

It has also began designing, installing, and operating its pioneering plant for producing yellowcake, said Shannag.

The level of reliability in resource estimates is of great importance as it directly reflects on the economic model of the project and therefore on the detailed economic feasibility. The company, he said, continues its studies on extraction and operation of its pioneering plant for producing yellowcake in parallel with geological work.

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