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Irbid struggles with 100,000 stray dogs: critical issue sparks concern

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IRBID — A surging population of stray dogs and a lack of effective control measures have exacerbated the issue of stray dogs in Irbid Governorate, where a recent study commissioned by the municipality identified the presence of a staggering 100,000 stray dogs, equivalent to 20 dogs per square kilometer.اضافة اعلان

Efforts to combat this issue, classified as "critical," seem to be largely absent due to limited resources and the high costs associated with curbing the alarming spread of stray dogs. In the current year alone, there have been 912 reported cases of dog attacks on residents in Irbid, according to statistics from the Irbid Health Directorate, Khaberni reported.

JD100 per dog
Dr. Nabil Al-Kawfahi, the Mayor of Irbid, emphasized that the cost of handling each stray dog, including capturing, sheltering, providing food, conducting sterilization surgery, and ultimately releasing them back into the streets, amounts to around JD100 per dog. He noted that legislation prohibits the killing or poisoning of stray dogs, and the municipality is willing to donate land to any animal rights association willing to take responsibility for relocating stray dogs.

In the previous year, Irbid witnessed 1,303 reported cases of dog attacks, with 923 occurring in the Irbid District, 158 in the Northern Jordan Valley District, 123 in the Bani Kenana District, and 99 in the Al-Koura District.

The cost of treating a person who has been bitten by a dog is approximately JD600 per individual, according to Dr. Shadi Bani Hani, the director of health in Irbid. He explained that preventive vaccinations are administered to individuals bitten by animals known to transmit rabies, starting from the moment they arrive at the hospital. The remaining doses are administered at public vaccination clinics to prevent any complications.

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