Housing minister opens scientific survey day

1. Scientific Survey (Petra)
Minister of Public Works and Housing Yahya Kisbi. (Photo: Petra)
AMMAN — Minister of Public Works and Housing Yahya Kisbi opened the second scientific survey day on Saturday, organized by the Surveying Engineers Committee in the Civil Engineering Division of the JordanEngineers Association (JEA), according to Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

Kisbi said that the scientific day, which was organized under the title "Modern Surveying: Technology and Techniques,” confirms the importance of surveying and geomatics engineering, which is one of the critical elements in the development of human infrastructure and the human environment, as it has become one of the essential fields in human sciences and contributes to the urban and development progress of countries.

He added that the Housing Ministry is the leading supporter and partner of the JEA, the largest incubator for engineers in the Kingdom, and a supporter of surveying engineers. Kibsi added that it managed to add the condition of having a surveying and geomatics engineer within the supervision and contractor cadre in road projects and government buildings.

He pointed out that the ministry, because it believes in the importance of surveying and geomatics engineering, has, in cooperation with the JEA, trained several surveying engineers in all works directorates on the training program for newly graduated engineers, and worked on using modern equipment and the latest technologies and programs in the field of surveying and geomatics in its major projects, such as the desert road and other projects, added Petra.

In turn, JEA President Ahmad Samara Zu'bi said the JEA council expressed interest in survey engineering and started taking quick steps in that field.
It is currently proceeding in an integrated workshop to update the union legislation, including the JEA Law, bylaws, the Pension Fund Law, the training fund, the social responsibility system, and other regulations and legislation.

Zu’bi indicated that the JEA has taken quick steps and led the digital transformation project to keep pace with the era of information technology, and is working hard on the Academy of Engineers for Training and Professional Development to obtain Arab and international accreditations, in addition to the JEA's tireless pursuit of networking with authorities in the public and private sectors.

Sarkis Fadous, president of the Arabic Union of Surveyors, called on various bodies in public and private sectors in all Arab countries to include surveying in their plans.

This is to benefit from the multiple expertise and modern technologies and keep pace with scientific and technological development to raise the professional level in surveying and organizing the profession and developing its methods to modernize land management to increase its productivity.

Bashar Tarawneh, member of the JEA council and Head of the Civil Engineering Division, said that the division worked to reactivate the Surveying Engineers Committee and organized many events and courses in all branches of the JEA in the governorates of the Kingdom.

The survey engineering specialty and the survey engineer’s seal on the topographic plans within the engineering plans were also approved, Tarawneh added.

President of the Owners of Survey Office Association, Mustafa Zaben, applauded the JEA efforts in the scientific, cultural and social fields, pointing out that his association is looking forward to cooperating with scientific institutions, the Arabic Union of Surveyors, the JEA and relevant authorities.

In turn, the head of the JEA's Surveying Engineers Committee, Dhiaa Qteishat, said that the committee's administrative body submitted many proposals to the JEA council, aimed at creating work prospects for surveying engineers through the power of legislation and the adoption of surveying engineering within the competencies of engineering offices.

In addition, Qteishat shared that the proposal included the obligation to appoint a resident survey engineer for the entire duration of the project for projects that exceed 9,000sq.m. amongst other things.

He added that the committee provided 365 training opportunities for engineers and completed more than 75 workshops, indicating that the number of surveyors reached 3,000, with an unemployment rate of 50 percent, according to Petra.

Head of the Preparatory Committee for the Scientific Day, Imad Habashneh, said that the scientific day hosts a selection of sectors and workshops and discusses scientific papers and a session for developing study plans and practicing the profession and seminars for the latest developments in surveying equipment.

On the sidelines of the scientific day, the JEA and the owners of the Survey Office Association signed a memorandum of understanding to train newly graduated engineers.

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