House endorses audit, anti-corruption bills as new MP takes oath

Lower House
Members of the Lower House are seen under the Dome. (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Lower House on Wednesday endorsed the integrity and anti-corruption bill as well as the amended Audit Bureau Law that was submitted by the Senate.  اضافة اعلان

The amended law allows the Audit Bureau to detain those suspected of corruption for no more than 48 hours in cases where there are concerns of loss of evidence or tampering.  

The amended law also allows the council, when necessary, to seize movable assets and apply travel restrictions to suspects of corruption for no more than two days as long as the decision is submitted to the prosecutor general.  

MPs refused to endorse wording that made the spread of false information against any natural or legal person for personal gain a form of corruption.  

Member of the Parliamentary Committee for Media and National Guidance, Omar Al-Ayasra, told Jordan News that deleting the character assassination article is a victory for freedom of expression and for the press.   

Ayasrah added that the article was presented to the House about a month ago, and the House had returned it to the legal committee.  

"The committee has invited the Jordan Press Association, and this decision is the result of tripartite discussions between the Legal Committee, the Jordan Press Association, and the government." 

The House also refused to exempt the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Committee from the civil service provision.  

During the session, MP Ramzi Al-Ajarmeh, the candidate who trailed dismissed deputy Osama Ajarmeh in the last parliamentary elections, was also sworn in as MP of the capital’s fifth district on Wednesday morning. Ramzi’s oath was taken in accordance with the provisions of Article 80 of the Constitution and Article 4 of the internal system of the House of Representatives. 

The newly sworn-in MP told Jordan News that he stands with national unity, and what the former deputy Osama Al-Ajarmeh did was an individual act that does not represent or speak for the tribe, declining to comment further on the issue.  

Ramzi who received 2,186 votes, replaced Osama Al-Ajarmeh, both of whom were on the Al-Bairaq electoral roll.