Health insurance bill will not cover outpatient care in its first phase, official says

An undated photo of the Social Security Corporation (SSC)’s headquarters. (Photo: SSC)
AMMAN — The health insurance draft law proposed by the Social Security Corporation (SSC) is to be released soon, according to the SSC’s official spokesman, Shaman Al-Majali.اضافة اعلان

In a phone interview with Jordan News, Majali said that "the proposed health insurance law will not cover primary care, for now, and will be limited to covering hospitals costs only." It also excludes ambulance costs.

The spokesperson explained that, since its introduction in the 1980s, the SSC Law has been gradually expanded, and that the health insurance bill may be the same.

Majali explained that "at this phase, we’ve started by covering hospital costs,” but said that the next phases may include ambulance and outpatient costs, too.

The SSC Law has never distinguished between Jordanians and foreigners, and he stressed that the proposed bill is no different.

However, an insurance and social protection expert, and former SSC spokesperson, Moosa Al-Subeihi, told Jordan News that the details of the bill are still unclear and that it’s possible not all social security subscribers will benefit from it. He urged the health insurance put forward in the bill to be studied thoroughly.

Most of the SSC’s elderly subscribers “need outpatient care rather than hospitalization coverage,” he contended.

A source from the SSC, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told Jordan News that "the final version of the law has not been issued yet, and its provisions are still under examination, and subject to change and modification."

The SSC had previously announced that it had completed the development of the first draft of the health insurance law, which will offer health coverage to those insured at private-sector facilities and retirees who do not have public or military health insurance. The bill would also cover those retirees’ families as well.

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