Gov’t stands firm on reform paths, affirms support for political parties — minister

Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, Wajih Azaizeh
Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, Wajih Azaizeh. (File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, Wajih Azaizeh, has confirmed the government's unwavering support for all political parties and its adherence to the reform paths set by His Majesty King Abdullah. اضافة اعلان

In a meeting held Saturday with general secretaries and representatives of political parties, Azaiza emphasized the government's commitment to the modernization of the political system, as outlined by the royal committee.

Constitutional and legislative amendments have been made, with further revisions underway, he added.

Reform tracks
King Abdullah's three reform tracks, focusing on political, economic, and administrative spheres, were underscored by Azaiza during the meeting.

He highlighted the government's dedication to advancing these reforms through regular meetings and follow-ups led by HRH Crown Prince Hussein. Azaiza noted that the meeting was convened following the parties' announcement of rectifying their status, expressing the government's interest in promoting dialogue and ongoing consultation with them.

Encouraging political action is one of the key responsibilities of the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs, he added.

Comprehensive plan
To support these objectives, Azaiza outlined a comprehensive action plan aligned with the law and the Independent Election Commission.

The plan encompasses various initiatives such as awareness campaigns, training programs, educational activities, and capacity building for members of political parties. A ministerial committee, consisting of ministers, secretaries-general, and liaison officers, has been established to encourage active participation in the political process as part of the ongoing modernization efforts.

Furthermore, political education will be integrated into higher education institutions, university courses, and the national education curriculum offered in schools under the Ministry of Education.

The government plans to provide financial funding, in collaboration with international organizations, to implement partisan political education programs aimed at reaching a wide range of individuals.

Promoting political participation
Azaiza emphasized the importance of promoting broad participation, particularly in light of legislation aimed at empowering youth and women. The objective is to foster a positive culture and a spirit of positivity among citizens to invigorate the work of political parties.

 In response, the general secretaries of the parties presented several observations regarding partisan work, urging the government to address them to promote and encourage citizens to join parties.

This new stage of political reform calls for the full implementation of the Political Parties Law and the Election Law, alongside necessary amendments to legislation and regulations that facilitate the activities of political parties and attract members and supporters.

The role of the media in highlighting political parties and their programs was also emphasized during the meeting.

Representatives from various political parties attended the meeting, including the Islamic Action Front, National Pact, Democratic People "Hashd" Party, Workers Party, The Torch, Popular Unity Party, Shura, Reform and Renewal, Jordanian National Movement, Jordanian Social Democratic Party, Blessed Land, New Path, Justice and Reform, Democratic Unionists, Arab Socialist Baath, and the National Coalition.

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