GAM teams up with youth to raise awareness on waste management practices

(Photos: GAM)
(Photos: GAM)
AMMAN — Dozens of Amman youth partook in a Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) cleanup activity last Saturday in the Tlaa Al-Ali residential area as part of a city-wide campaign to raise awareness on sound waste management practices, according to a press statement. اضافة اعلان

This event is part of a series of activities set to take place over the next two months in collaboration with Amman youth in commercial and residential areas, aiming to boost the sense of collective responsibility as part of GAM’s ongoing efforts to create measures towards a green, resilient, and vibrant city.

A unified drive
The participants seemed to share a unified drive encouraging them to take part in the activity.

“I participated today because this is one of the changes I want to see in Amman and our community,” said one participant.

“I participated today because this is one of the changes I want to see in Amman and our community.”

“We are here today to spread awareness against the disposal of garbage in non-designated areas,” explained another.

Green City Action PlanThe activities in this project will further mobilize opportunities to improve engagement, awareness, and communication between the citizens of Amman and GAM.  The municipality will also implement the Green City Action Plan, which was launched in 2019 under the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s (EBRD) Green Cities program.

The Green City Action Plan has enabled the city to identify, prioritize, and address its most acute climate change and environmental challenges, including solid waste management, water and wastewater, urban transport, and building energy efficiency, to reduce local pollution, improve energy and resource efficiency, and promote climate change adaptation in the city of Amman.

These activities come as part of the EBRD’s project to improve capacity building and awareness raising in GAM.  

The municipality also called on residents to contact it to report any environmental hazards or violations to help realize and achieve this collective vision.

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