Foot-and-mouth outbreak declining in key hotspot area, says JVA

cows at dairy farm
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AMMAN — Currently, the epidemiological curve in the Al-Dhuleil area in Zarqa, the hotspot of a recent outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease, is witnessing a downward trend, with signs of recovery beginning to show among infected cattle herds, according to a representative of the Jordan Veterinary Association (JVA). اضافة اعلان

Meanwhile, in the nearby Al-Hallabat area, also within the virus hotspot, infections are currently on the rise and "we need several weeks to stabilize, as happened in the Al-Dulail area", JVA Vice President Dr Ghazanfar Abu Zuneid told Khaberni.

In late 2022, Jordan was exposed to foot-and-mouth disease and an epidemic ensued, leading to the death of 458 cows and 554 calves as of last week, with stakeholders reporting nearly JD40 million in losses.

Vaccination and follow-up measuresThe Agriculture Ministry has been working with livestock breeders to contain the outbreak through vaccination campaigns and other measures, administering the second round of a foot-and-mouth vaccine to over 27,000 cows as of last Saturday.

The ministry also formed a specialized follow-up committee, which recently eased the level of emergency for the epidemic and confirmed that the virus is not spreading outside infected farms.

The areas affected by the outbreak, including Al-Dhuleil and Al-Hallabat, are home to “over 80 percent of the Kingdom's dairy cow herds” according to a previous statement by the JVA.

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