Firefighters put down fire broke out in heavy vehicles square in Amman

Firefighters put down fire broke out in heavy vehicles square in Amman
Amman - Firefighters in the East Amman Civil Defense Department, and police officers on Thursday afternoon put down a fire that came on a caravan, three diesel tanks, and seven vehicles inside one of the squares that are used to line up heavy vehicles in Amman.اضافة اعلان

The firefighting teams took control of the fire, which reached an area of 500 m, and prevented its spreading to neighbouring areas, without causing any injury to life, and an investigation was initiated to find out the causes of the fire.

On the other hand, the spokesman for the Public Security Department (PSD) said that the specialised fire teams working in the East Amman Civil Defense Department responded to a report on a gas leak from the household gas cylinder inside an apartment in the Al Muqabalin area.

The PSD spokesman added that the specialised crews, upon arrival at the scene of the accident, found out that the leak led to a thorough storming and flashing in a closed room, injuring a person with various burns, collapse and a crack in some windows of the building, and minor damage to four vehicles lined next to the building.

The specialised civil Defence teams followed the appropriate operational procedures and provided the necessary first aid to the injured, and transfer him to Al-Bashir Public Hospital, to complete the rest of the necessary medical procedures.

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