Farmers refute MP’s reason for higher vegetable prices

1. Farm Land Jordan (Flickr)
An undated photo of agricultural land in Jordan. (Photo: Flickr)
AMMAN — According to the Jordan Valley Farmers Union, MP Ahmed Al-Qatawneh’s assertion that the prices of vegetable increased because of exports to Israel is inaccurate because exports to Israel do not exceed 1.3 tons per month, a fraction of the about 2 tons a day of its overall exports, according to Al-Ghad.اضافة اعلان

The union also stressed that the prices of vegetables and fruits are appropriate and that the month-old rise in the prices of cucumbers and some other crops was due to a number of challenges that are faced every year for a limited period of no more than three weeks, as well as to the weather conditions, such as frost formation, and the shrinking of agricultural areas, often left fallow due to accumulated losses.

The union rebuked the lawmaker’s and other such statements that, it said, are not based on fact and do not take into consideration the efforts of the Jordanian farmers who face challenges and marketing hindrances in neighboring Arab countries.

The union would have appreciated a visit by the deputy, to follow up on the damage to the crops inflicted by the frost and on the difficult situation of the sector, particularly in view of the pandemic, instead of all the taxes and fees imposed on farmers with the consent of the deputies, it said. However, the union said it still appreciates the partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture in regulating production and overcoming marketing problems through the application of the Agriculture and Production Directive, which remains the greatest challenge for Jordanian farmers.

“We had hoped that his excellency would support the Jordanian farmers when the prices of agricultural products fell, forcing them to sell for less than their cost or sometimes to leave them on the farms rather than exert all that effort for no return, but reassure that we always stand by the nation and work to meet its food security, at times at the expense of our living conditions,” said a union statement.

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