Disi water pipeline under maintenance next week

water tanker
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AMMAN – The Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the Water Authority, and the Jordan Water Company (Miyahuna), the operator of the Disi Water Conveyance Project, announced their intention to stop pumping water from Disi for preventive maintenance works scheduled by the project operator on several facilities of the Disi water system.اضافة اعلان

According to Al-Mamlaka TV, the ministry stated on Saturday that the suspension of Disi water pumping would take place from Sunday, December 10th, until the evening of Thursday, December 14th.

The purpose of this scheduled water pumping stoppage from the Disi project is to carry out routine annual maintenance works to maintain the sustainability of water pumping to all regions and subscribers. The ministry explained that the planned suspension of water pumping from the Disi project would partially affect certain areas in the capital, Amman, and Zarqa Governorates.

The affected areas include various neighborhoods and districts in Amman, such as Wadi Al-Sir, Al-Rabahiyah Al-Shamaliyah, Al-Shmeisani, Arjan, Iskan Al-Murqab, Marj Al-Hamam, Umm Al-Summaq, Al-Rawabi, Al-Rabia, Al-Yasmeen, Al-Baniat, Jaber Complex Area, Al-Majd Compound, Hadda'iq Al-Hussein, Al-Rabia, Al-Yasmeen, Al-Baniat, Jaber Complex Area, Al-Majd Compound, Hadda'iq Al-Hussein, Al-Kursi, Jabal Amman, Al-Lweibdeh, Al-Mukabbaleen, Umm Noura, Sahab, Dabouq, Deir Ghbar, Hayy Adnan, Salhiyyeh Al-Abid, Adleya, Khushayfiyat Al-Dabayibah, Royal Scientific Society Area, Al-Sahl Neighborhood, Tla' Al-Ali, Al-Rushd Area, Khushayfiyat Al-Shawabikah, Al-Jwaideh, Al-Baraka District.

In addition, parts of Sweileh, Al-Istiklal District, Prince Hassan District, Khreibat Al-Souq, Al-Zuhour, Al-Kamaliyah, Al-Sadiq District, Al-Nasr, Al-Nazihah near Independence Mall, Al-Mansour District, Al-Yadouda, Al-Hatemiyah, Al-Suwiefeh, Abu Nseir (Haya Al-Diaa and Abu Nseir Village), Abu Aleya, Al-Khazneh, Al-Lubban, Al-Tanib, and Iskan Al-Rahmaniyah, Al-Sa'adah Neighborhood, The area around D5 Square, Al-Nuqeira, Al-Boeida, and Um Batma, Al-Saadah District, the D5 Roundabout Area, Khreibat Al-Souq, Al-Haj Hassan District, Higher Education Area, Al-Qistal, parts of Al-Jiza.

For Zarqa Governorate, the areas include Al-Russeifa Municipality and encompass Housing for Negev, Teachers' Housing, Prince Hashem Housing, Haret Abu Ghleion, Al-Fakhoura, and parts of Al-Hussein District.

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