Dialogue and diversity create effective democracy — Maaytah

Musa Al- Maaytah
Musa Maaytah (Photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN  — Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs Musa Maaytah said Saturday that key recommendations of the Royal Committee to Modernize the Political System include empowering the youth, educating citizens, respecting diversity, and promoting cultural dialogue.اضافة اعلان

At the opening of the forum on civic education and promoting societal peace and the culture of dialogue, which was held by the Jordanian Center for Civic Education in cooperation with the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), Maaytah stressed that partisan life cannot develop in the absence of a civic culture that fosters effective dialogue across the social spectrum and promotes the integration of youth and women into political and partisan work.

The minister highlighted the importance of encouraging dialogue, diversity and societal peace, as well as of rejecting hate speech and developing legislation that regulates political life to create an effective democracy based on political pluralism through the introduction of civic education and democratic culture courses in primary school and university curricula.

The draft constitutional amendments and the elections and political parties’ draft laws currently being debated are bound to create parliaments whose members have political platforms and then parliamentary governments, in line with the royal directives, Maaytah said.

KAS Resident Representative in Jordan Annette Ranko said that civic education creates a democratic culture, lays the foundation for dialogue, and promotes democracy.

Director of the Jordanian Center for Civic Education Mona Al-Alami said the forum aimed to introduce a human rights-based approach and highlight the role of civic education in curbing violence and extremism, and in deepening the concept of active citizenship in local and Arab societies, stressing that the promotion of a culture of dialogue and peace is a collective duty.

The two-day forum was slated to discuss several topics, including civic education and its impact on spreading the culture of dialogue and societal peace, the role of education and civic education in modernizing society and building a democratic state, the role of religions in fostering dialogue and peace, civic education, political developments in the region and their impact on the work of political parties and youth participation in political life, civic education and the role of Arab women in activating dialogue and women's effective participation.

The forum hosts a number of experts and consultants from Jordan and other Arab countries.

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