Demand for air-conditioning low, despite heatwave

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AMMAN — Despite the heatwave that has gripped the Kingdom for the past two days, the demand for air conditioning units remains unaffected due to the decline in purchasing power among the majority of people, as stated by Hatem Al-Zoubi, the Representative of the electrical and electronics sector at Jordan Chamber of Commerce (JCC).اضافة اعلان

Since Tuesday, Jordan has experienced the first heatwave of the summer, originating from the Arabian Peninsula desert. 

The temperatures have soared, registering an alarming 5 degrees Celsius higher compared to the same period last year.

Decline in prices
According to Al-Ghad News, Zoubi highlighted that prices of cooling devices, including air conditioners, fans, freezers, and refrigerators, have witnessed a significant decline this season, ranging between 10-15 percent when compared to the previous year. 

This reduction in prices has made these devices readily available in substantial quantities, catering to all segments of Jordanian society.

In response to the sluggish commercial activity within the sector, electrical and electronics stores and showrooms have implemented strategies to boost sales.

Offers and discounts have been introduced to stimulate customer engagement and attract buyers. Traders are aiming to achieve a reasonable financial return through these reductions, ensuring the coverage of operational costs and the fulfillment of financial obligations, added Zoubi.

Hope for upturn in demand
Zoubi expressed optimism that the deepening of the summer season and the forthcoming period of soaring temperatures will lead to an upturn in demand and activity for cooling devices across the Kingdom.

Moreover, Zoubi highlighted that a significant portion of sector imports originates from China, with additional contributions from various European countries renowned for their cooling device manufacturing capabilities.

According to estimates, the electrical and electronics sector encompasses approximately 5,000 stores throughout Jordan, employing over 30,000 workers, the majority of whom are Jordanians.

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