Corruption Commission recovered half a billion dinars in 7 years

Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission
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AMMAN – In Jordan's war on corruption over the past seven years, the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission recovered close to JD 500 million according to research by the Jordan News Agency, Petra. اضافة اعلان

Over the past six years, Petra monitored 19,682 pieces of information and complaints related to corruption, all of which were dealt with accurately and transparently. In the last year alone, 2,932 complaints were received. In 2021, Petra received 5,000 pieces of information and complaints, 2,090 complaints in 2020, 3,572 complaints in 2019, 2,797 complaints in 2018, 2,050 complaints in 2017, and 1,241 complaints in 2016.

The Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission has managed to recover 474,497,092 dinars over the past five years, including 159,483,902 dinars last year, 142,118,045 dinars in 2021, 1,884,056 dinars in 2020, 150,600,000 dinars in 2019, and 20,411,389 dinars in 2018.

The Commission's report for 2021 stated that the success rate of investigative files referred to the judiciary reached 83 percent, indicating that the procedures undertaken by the Commission in monitoring, developing, and improving investigative tools have been effective in fighting corruption and dealing with corruption cases.

This is backed up by the Transparency International for the Corruption Perceptions Index covering 180 countries worldwide, including Jordan. Jordan's rank between 2016-2022 ranged from 57 to 61, placing it among the top 60 countries in the fight against corruption, and it ranks 119th globally on the index.

In the last year, 2022, Jordan ranked fourth in the Arab world and 61st globally on the most important global index. In 2021, Jordan ranked 58th in the fight against corruption, and in 2020 and 2019, it held the 60th position. In 2018, it ranked 58th, in 2017, it was 59th, and in 2016, it finished at 57th place.

From these results, Petra found that Jordan has maintained a high pace in developing measures to combat corruption, reflected in its global ranking in the fight against corruption. The ebb and flow in Jordan's rank on the corruption index were influenced by the continuous effort to confront corrupt individuals.

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