Coming celestial event to showcase 5 lined-up planets this week

planetary alignments
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AMMAN — This week, sky-watchers will have the opportunity to witness a unique celestial event as five planets will be visible in closeproximity to each other near the moon, the Associated Press reported. اضافة اعلان

Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus, and Mars will be lined up for a planetary hangout near the moon, showcasing a beautiful sight for astronomy enthusiasts.

Look westThe best day to catch the whole group in one view is on Tuesday, according to NASA astronomer Bill Cooke.

Stargazers will need to look to the western horizon right after sunset, where they will see the planets stretching from the horizon line to around halfway up the night sky.

However, observers must not be late, as Mercury and Jupiter will quickly dip below the horizon around 30 minutes after sunset.

Observed anywhereThe alignment of the five planets can be observed from anywhere on Earth, provided the sky is clear and there is a view of the west. "That's the beauty of these planetary alignments. It doesn't take much," Cooke said.

While Jupiter, Venus, and Mars will be relatively easy to spot due to their brightness, binoculars may be necessary to catch a glimpse of Mercury and Uranus, as they will be dimmer. Uranus, in particular, presents a rare opportunity for planet collectors to spot it since it is usually not visible.

Cooke advises looking out for its green glow just above Venus, according to AP.

These planetary alignments occur when the planets' orbits line up on one side of the sun from Earth's perspective, and different numbers and groups of planets line up in the sky from time to time, Cooke said.

Last summer, there was a five-planet lineup, and there will be another one in June with a slightly different makeup.

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