Bid for Jordanian-Iraqi power link ends Monday

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — A bid invitation to implement the first phase of the Jordan-Iraq power grid project ends on Monday, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra.اضافة اعلان

The project, which is planned to be ready by the end of 2022, will supply Iraq with Jordanian electric power of 400 kilovolts (kV).

Iraq suffers from acute power shortages, which are causing outages for several hours during the day. People have set up generators in an effort to adapt.

Jordan and Iraq seek to strengthen their joint electric interconnection, which would allow the exchange of energy in “larger” quantities, the Ministry of Energy said in a statement.

Amjad Rawashdeh of the National Electricity Power Company (NEPCO) said previously that the Jordanian-Iraqi electric grid comes within the framework of the Kingdom’s aspiration to link with neighboring countries to exchange electric power. The linkup will contribute to stability of power systems and serves plans to establish a common Arab energy market.

The tender, which was announced in early June, includes an amendment aimed to link the new 132-kV-capacity Al-Risha plant’s lines to the project.

NEPCO said the company began in 2021 the procedures for implementing the Jordanian-Iraqi power link project by preparing the necessary tenders to build the new Al-Risha station and link the facility’s lines with an existing power plant in Iraq. 

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