Awqaf Minister briefs media delegation on readiness of pilgrims' camps in Mina, Arafat

Awqaf Minister briefs media delegation on readiness of pilgrims' camps in Mina, Arafat
Arafat - Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs, and head of the Jordanian Hajj missions, Mohammad Al Khalaileh, said that this year the ministry worked to provide exceptional services that include psychological and physical comfort to Jordanian pilgrims by modernizing the Mina and Arafat camps, which are comparable to the camps of the distinguished Hajj pilgrims.اضافة اعلان

Briefing the media delegation accompanying the pilgrims' mission on the qualitative updates of the camps for Jordanian and Palestinians of 1948 pilgrims, Al Khalaileh said that the overnight services have been improved and tents have been equipped in accordance with international specifications to achieve the conditions of public safety, fireproofness, and insulation to the external weather temperature. He added that work has been done to equip them with bed seats that allow the pilgrim to use them on both sides with a seat and bed, and to add modern air conditioners.

Al Khalaileh also indicated that extensions have been established at the pilgrims' sleeping site as an outlet for them, fully equipped with modern and comfortable seats.

He explained that two meals will be provided on Arafat Day inside the camps, noting that "we are ready to receive Arafat Day and the days of Mina and the throwing of the Jamarat."

Al Khalaileh added that compared to Hajj conditions and the service provided in previous years, a better service has been prepared in terms of preparing meals from now on so that the camps would be ready to receive pilgrims on the day of Arafat because pilgrims are expected to spend two or three nights in the Jamarat throwing area.

He said that the small size of the Mina area does not allow it to accommodate all the world's pilgrims, so senior scholars have set Sharia provisions for Mina so that the pilgrim stays between the nearest place to Mina, or being pardoned from the overnight stay in Mina, and other detailed provisions in the books of scholars, which were taken by contemporary scholars in the current time.

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