Audit Bureau should submit quarterly reports to lawmakers, expert suggests

Audit Bureau
(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — Political economist Zayan Zawana has said that the mechanism by which the Audit Bureau works and reports to the House of Representatives is not adequate.اضافة اعلان

In an interview with a local TV station on Saturday, Zawana said that the Audit Bureau submits its report annually, which means that in most cases, transgressions will have occurred long before the report is issued, and that would often make it too late to contain the damage.

He added that in recent years, the public’s and lawmakers’ interest in the Audit Bureau reports has grown noticeably, while in the past, such reports used to be largely ignored by the House of Representatives.

Zawana stressed that the impact of cases of embezzlement and abuse of public finds reported by the Audit Bureau on the national economy are huge, but the current procedure, of submitting such reports once a year, may defeat their purpose.

He indicated that, according to the Constitution, the Audit Bureau falls within the remit of the Lower House, and as such, he recommended that the bureau submit its reports to the Lower House quarterly, and report serious violations on the spot.

The Audit Bureau’s report for the year 2021 sparked a wave of comments on social media, having revealed administrative and financial abuses that cost the country millions of dinars, at a time when the government affirms its commitment to reforms and to reducing expenditures.

The report, a copy of which was received by the House of Representatives on Thursday, showed that there were about 2,776 violations at government institutions or companies where it owns shares; 151 cases were referred to the public prosecutor, and 728 files are still being investigated.

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