Anti-Trafficking Unit: 1 human trafficking case recorded

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(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The Anti-Trafficking Unit at the Ministry of Labor handled only one case of human trafficking (forced labor) during the first two months of the current year, according to the Central Inspection Directorate.اضافة اعلان
On the other hand, the number of cases that didn't raise suspicion of human trafficking (labor-related cases) during the same period was 26, as reported by Al-Ghad.

There were 24 potential victims identified in labor-related cases, with 42 complaints lodged against them during the first two months of this year.
Moreover, there were 18 proactive inspection campaigns conducted, resulting in 15 labor settlements resolved by the Inspection Department.

Additionally, 5 cases were referred to the Anti-Trafficking Unit but remained unresolved.

In the previous year, the Anti-Trafficking Unit handled 18 cases of human trafficking (forced labor), while 169 labor-related cases didn't escalate to human trafficking suspicion.

The potential number of victims in labor-related cases reached 213, with 281 complaints filed against them in the previous year.

Major Mohammad Khalifat, the Chief of the Anti-Trafficking Unit, reported that 36 cases of human trafficking were apprehended in the kingdom in 2022.

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