Ammanites appeal to gov’t not to ease ownership terms for scooters, motorcycles

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AMMAN — News that the minister of interior, the Traffic Institute, and relevant authorities, might ease conditions for the acquisition of scooters has triggered a wave of reactions by concerned citizens who appealed to the minister not to adopt such decision because of the dire effects it will have on their lives, Ammon News reported on Wednesday.اضافة اعلان

It said that Amman residents have been complaining about the noise pollution resulting from speeding motorcycles and scooters, especially late at night, which prevents them and their children from sleeping.

Those speaking to Ammon News complained about speeding, noisy motorcycles in residential areas and warned that motorcycle riders who do not comply with the basic principles of traffic, especially maintaining the required distance between them and vehicles on the roads, put their lives at risk.

Sociologist Rakan Al-Adwan was quoted by the news site as saying that the incidence of speeding motorcycles is increasing everywhere in the capital, and that people are right to complain about not being able to sleep because of noise pollution.

He warned against easing conditions for acquiring scooters and motorcycles because the streets are already bursting with both.

Adwan stressed that he knows of cases when children could not sleep after being woken up by the sounds of motorbikes, and that is reflected on their performance at school.

One Amman resident, Ahmed Al-Ali, expressed annoyance with some scooter drivers who do not adhere to traffic rules or ethics, saying he was almost run over by one as he attempted to cross the street.

Ali said that people safety comes first, or, some scooter drivers put it at risk moving recklessly between cars during the rush hour in a bid to reach their destination ahead of others.

He highlighted of a national awareness campaign carried out a few months ago calling for a reduction of the number of scooters and motorcycles on the roads after several young people were killed in related accidents.

Several media outlets have mentioned that the government is about to adopt few measures to ease the licensing of scooters, which include: canceling the Traffic Institute’s course for scooters, abolishing the security approval for obtaining driving licenses, and allowing children of Jordanian women married to foreigners and Gaza Strip citizens to own a scooter.

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