Le Gemelle: Comforting food and atmosphere

La Gemelle is a quaint establishment located in Dabouq that serves Italian food. (Photo: Le Gemelle’s Instagram)
AMMAN — To many, Italian cuisine is the epitome of comfort food. The carb-heavy dishes satisfy bellies and souls across the planet. The rich sauces, meats, and pasta are the perfect combination, and even the pickiest of eaters have managed to find a noodle dish or pizza that suits their tastes. اضافة اعلان

Le Gemelle embodies this concept. A quaint establishment located in Dabouq, this restaurant prides itself on quality and authenticity, providing five-star service in an attainable way. They have solidified themselves as one of the go-to options for the neighboring community, establishing themselves as a staple location.

Le Gemelle was once known as a homey, quaint establishment. The decor was simple, with few frills. The tables were adorned with simple tablecloths, and everything served its purpose. It evoked the feeling of a mom-and-pop restaurant, causing people to gravitate through their doors.

That is before they decided that their decor needed some upgrades. They closed their doors for a short period to adjust the interior. After the renovations, the classic checkered tablecloths and worn chairs were gone, replaced with modern furniture and sleek design. The new and improved rooftop now looks over the streets of Dabouq and provides a beautiful ambiance allowing you to enjoy your meal.

Mixed Bruschetta. (Photo: Le Gemelle’s Instagram)

I have frequently visited the restaurant both before and after the renovations and can confidently say that the sleeker design has not impacted the homey atmosphere and that it still feels like the same restaurant that has grown to be a staple to the community.

My main recommendation for Le Gemelle is to skip the appetizers and dive right into the main dish. While the appetizers are of decent enough quality, they do not compare to the tastiness of the main dishes. Not to mention the fact that their main courses do tend to be quite large and carb-heavy, meaning that if you fill up too soon on appetizers, you may not be able to finish the main course.

The serving sizes for their main courses are incredibly generous, ensuring that you get your money's worth. I cannot remember a single occasion where I dined at Le Gemelle and left feeling less than full or that I even had room for dessert.

Pizza. (Photo: Le Gemelle’s Instagram)

For many, the appeal of Le Gemelle is in the pizza. Their ratio of crust to cheese to toppings is perfectly proportioned and leaves everyone craving seconds and thirds. For me, the real appeal of Le Gemelle is in their pasta. They have countless options, including vegetarian-friendly options, with plenty of room for customization. Their risottos have also received heavy praise, though I have yet to explore that particular portion of their menu.

Spaghetti Bolognese. (Photo: Le Gemelle’s Instagram)

Their spaghetti Bolognese is one that especially appeals to me. This is because spaghetti, in particular, if not done well, runs the risk of leaving you feeling overly stuffed, bloated, and regretting carbo-loading so much. At Le Gemelle, I can easily polish off a full plate, with no guilt or feelings of being bloated to my breaking point.

Pesto gnocchi. (Photo: Le Gemelle’s Instagram)

I feel very similar about their gnocchi dishes. While they have the option of either choosing the rose or pesto gnocchi, I would highly recommend the pesto gnocchi option every time. The pesto sauce is light and refreshing, perfectly complementary to the gnocchi itself. It is another example of a dish that I can polish off in a matter of minutes.

If you are looking for a slightly more hearty meal, the lasagna cannot be beat. You have to approach this dish with an empty stomach since this will definitely make you feel filled to the brim and satisfied with every bite.

Their waitstaff is also exceptionally friendly. They are quick to assist with anything needed and always ready with a joke. My one criticism would be that the wait time was quite long since the restaurant was relatively packed, but besides that, the waiters were incredibly responsive and accommodating.

Tomato Soup. (Photo: Le Gemelle’s Instagram)

One other criticism I have is concerning how crowded it tends to get. Since Le Gemelle is very much a family establishment; dining there during peak hours typically includes a symphony of loud children. This hardly detracts from the food quality and the dining experience, but it is a factor to note when deciding when to dine there.

Overall, I would never hesitate to recommend dining at Le Gemelle. Dining there evokes feelings of comfort and home, helping you feel totally relaxed. The food is of excellent quality, the service is great, and I have yet to have an unsatisfactory experience dining there. To me, returning to Le Gemelle is like returning to the comfort of your own home; while it may not be perfect, it is still pleasantly familiar.

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