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Hamzeh S. Al-Alayani

Hamzeh S. Al-Alayani

The writer is a board member of a Jordanian public-sector government investments management company and a regular commentator on regional energy and industrial matters.

Electric vs. hydrogen cars

Mobility is going to change at an accelerated pace in the coming decades. Zero-emission vehicles are monopolizing the market where potential competition between the energy model to power them, electric and hydrogen, comes in.

Jordan’s bold hydrogen ambition needs quick action

Hydrogen has a critical role to play in the global energy transition drive. While many countries are looking to capture a proportion of the market opportunity, Jordan is poised to become a leading exporter of this energy bearer.

Regain Jordan’s MSCI’s emerging market ranking

Capital markets are essential to promoting economic activity worldwide, as they facilitate and diversify the access of firms to finance. At the Jordanian macro level, deepening capital markets, which have ample liquidity and developed secondary markets, will create a robust financial system that will help the economy grow, create jobs and raise the standard of living of its residents.

Investments in Jordan engender optimism

The financial results of the companies listed on the Amman Stock Exchange showed a great leap at the end of the first half of 2022. The results reflect the extraordinary financial performance of companies whose total profits amount to JD1.27 billion, a 139.3 percent increase over the JD532.8 million in the first half of 2021.

Jordan’s PPP: A win-win solution for infrastructure projects

Jordan was a pioneer in opening up the infrastructure public-private partnership (PPP) market to the private sector, indicating a shift from state balance-sheet spending for the construction of infrastructure to longer-term partnerships involving construction and operation, and introduced several economic reforms to promote business growth and job creation through strengthening the legal framework of lenders and borrowers.

Jordan’s green ocean strategy

Jordan’s primary policy on climate change is the National Climate Change Policy and Sector Strategic Guidance Framework. The country emphasizes adaptation, rather than mitigation, intending to achieve socio-economic development and environmental resilience. Priority sectors include water, agriculture, energy, land use, and desertification. Climate adaptation and mitigation for green growth have proven challenging and remain highly conditional on the availability of financing.

SOPs — promoting operational excellence

Tomorrow belongs to people who prepare for it today. Long-term capacity-building efforts boost economic growth and promote regional cooperation. Standard operating procedure (SOP) is part of such capacity building endeavors.