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Hamzeh S. Al-Alayani

Hamzeh S. Al-Alayani

The writer is a board member of a Jordanian public-sector government investments management company and a regular commentator on regional energy and industrial matters.

Enhancing bankability: strategies for lucrative PPPs

Jordan, through its investment environment laws and public-private partnerships (PPP), aims to build a sustainable economy based on knowledge, innovation, competitiveness, expertise, and diversity that aligns with the implementation of the economic modernization vision.

Utilizing amonia’s value chain in jordan

​Jordan is rich in natural resources, particularly phosphate and raw potash, which provide a significant foundation for investment in the fertilizer sector. This sector plays a crucial role in enhancing food security, driving economic growth, and boosting export values. In recent years, Jordan's fertilizer industry has experienced impressive growth, contributing substantially to national exports.

Jordan's mining sector: high-value industries driver

​In commemoration of the one year anniversary since the launch of the visionary economic modernization and public sector transformation initiatives, the government convened a forum titled “A Year of Modernization”. The event took place at the King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Center, spanning two days to reflect upon the accomplishments within both programs. The decision-makers in Jordan, led by His Majesty King Abdullah II and His Highness Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah II, the Crown Prince, have evinced their resolute intent to execute the vision meticulously and monitor its progress ardently.

COP28: Pioneering a new era of global climate action

​As the world grapples with the escalating impacts of climate change, the need for collective action has become increasingly urgent. The 28th Conference of the Parties (COP28), a pivotal event in the global climate calendar aimed at maintaining the 1.5C goal, is poised to usher in a new era of international collaboration, innovation, and commitment to combating the climate crisis and reshaping the trajectory of global climate action.

Jordan's green vision: Leading EV battery recycling for circular economy

​The global trend towards electrification is rapidly gaining momentum as societies worldwide prioritize cleaner energy solutions.

Jordan’s climate transition and economic stimulus

​The clean energy economy is rapidly taking shape, but faster change is urgently needed across most energy system components to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. COP28 Presidency releases ambitious plan to fast-track the energy transition and supercharge climate finance and underpin everything fully inclusively.

Turning national champions into global brands

​Establishing national champions is a distinct objective of a nation's growth strategy. Several considerations underpin this objective, including enhancing national security by promoting self-sufficiency in critical industries and supporting job-rich and inclusive growth. This approach aims to create globally competitive companies, ensuring economic growth and security.

Fostering a circular economy

Global material extraction and consumption levels have been rising exponentially since the beginning of the 20th century.

Water's role in the energy transition

The energy transition toward net-zero emissions changes how we use water but does not necessarily reduce our dependence on it. Even low-carbon technologies like hydrogen, renewable fuels, batteries, pumped storage hydropower, nuclear, and carbon capture have unique water needs. And a lot of the time, those needs require a lot of water.

Municipal PPPs: Fostering investment in infrastructure

In Jordan, there are 102 municipalities and the Greater Amman Municipality (GAM). Municipalities are provided revenue-generating authorities through municipal taxes, licensing, and user fees for municipal services. They are also responsible for a range of local infrastructure and services, including urban planning, environment, roads, culture, public safety, and waste management, to name some.