Skills challenge kicks off today

An undated photo of the Prince Hamzah Hall, where the Skills Challenge is set to be held. (Photo: Amjad Al-Tawil/JNews)
An undated photo of the Prince Hamzah Hall, where the Skills Challenge is set to be held. (Photo: Amjad Al-Tawil/JNews)
AMMAN — The U15 skills challenge are set to kick off today with 13 contesting countries. 

In compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, the FIBA-organized event will not be attended by fans and audiences to curb the spread of the virus. اضافة اعلان

FIBA representative and coach, Fadi Al-Sabah told Jordan News: “The U-15 female team will play at 10am, before their male counterparts in the afternoon. I will be at the Prince Hamzah Hall, representing FIBA, responsible for organization and calculating points, which will then be accompanied by a video filmed by the basketball federation upon completion.”

Sabah noted that an amendment has been made to the preset groups as a number of countries have pulled out of the tournament because of COVID-19.

“The competition, which each country will hold locally,  entails ‘home and away’ stages, considering the decrease in the number of competing teams. This reduces the number of teams in a group down to three. Points will be calculated by subtracting the amount of time taken to complete the skills from the total number of points scored by the team, Sabah explained.”

The organizer added that the leader and runner up from each of the four groups will qualify for the World Cup scheduled for next October. This brings the total to eight teams hailing from Asia, in each category. 

The female youth team will play face peers from China and Syria, and comprises the following players: Christina Wahab, Tia Al-Bouri, Salma Azzam, Kinda Al-Sheikh Yassine, Natalie Nasraween, Zaina Al-Qaraeen, Siwar Zabaneh and Maya Meri. 

The male youth team will compete against players from Palestine and Australia; represented by: Michelle Naffa, Lutfi Khader, Hamza Baraghith, Omar Salman, Basel Khawaldeh, Rawhi Kilani, Zaid Fannous and Mohammad Hamdan.

The competition is focused on individual skills, including dribbling, passing and shooting from various and distances. Results are calculated based on the time it takes each player to complete the skills successfully, then subtracting the number of points scored by the team from the collective time taken.

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