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New World: Amazon’s bold MMO leap

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(Photos: New World Media Kit)
AMMAN — There are countless fantastic MMO games out there for players to enjoy, many of which have amassed gigantic player-bases due to their intricate storylines and mechanics. اضافة اعلان

But, over the years we saw a decline in the popularity of these types of games, and many developers decided against creating new ones in today’s video game market. So why did Amazon decide otherwise?

Amazon hasn’t had the best track record when it comes to its game releases, but this has changed with its latest release.

New World is an MMORPG that forgoes the typical tropes of having players select which class they’d like to play, while having a major focus on its crafting and gathering mechanics.

Now, to a typical MMO fan, this might sound a bit off-putting, and might have you reluctant to give it a go, but Amazon has seemingly defied all odds, and has created a title that’s worth exploring.

(Photos: New World Media Kit)

So, let’s talk setting. In New World, you play as a shipwrecked survivor who’s left stuck on the mysterious island of Aeternum.

With no allies or supplies, you’re forced to wander this dangerous world where, due to unknown magical forces, the fundamentals of life and death do not apply. And thankfully, when it comes to Aeternum, the design is beautifully done.

With a fantastical 1700s-like setting, the world has its players eagerly exploring everything it has to offer. But are looks all New World has to offer?

Collecting and crafting are your bread and butter

The gameplay in New World has a high focus on collecting resources which you can use to craft. well, everything From HP potions to magical goodies, everything has a resource cost, which has you constantly gathering everything you come across.

If this already sounds like something you wouldn’t be interested in, then this game, unfortunately, is not for you. Now for those who don’t mind the grueling task of collecting like your life depends on it, do not fret, as you can allocate your hard-earned skill points into plenty of collection skills to help speed up the process.

What also plays a massive role in how much you earn is the territory system. By owning territory, you drastically accelerate procurement of resources and crafting, leading to heavy handed encouragement from the game to own more land.

(Photos: New World Media Kit)

To most MMO players, a good story is a pretty big reason to be invested in a game, and while New World does have a main storyline that players can follow, it unfortunately isn’t all that engaging, which is strangely okay.

There’s just too much for one player to do while playing, so although a bit lackluster in the story department, the game makes sure to keep its players occupied. Whether you decide to be a humble homeowner who collects resources for his shop, or choose to focus on PvP and PvE while you try to uncover the mysteries Aeternum holds.

But wait, there are no classes?

Yes, although a strange choice, New World does not have players choose a starting class, or any for that matter, but this choice does lead to a much more liberating style of gameplay.

Instead of being limited to a specific style of combat due to class restrictions, players can pick up any weapon they like and use them. This allows combinations of weapons to be used in tandem that can give players an edge against the opposition.

(Photos: New World Media Kit)

This applies to armor types as well, whether you choose to wear high defense plate armor or opt for a lower defense option with more mobility.

The choice is always the players, which is great since the combat is finetuned and fluid. If combat isn’t your thing though, you can avoid it all together by turning off the PvP option and instead focus on your peaceful playstyle.

Overall, New World is a solid release of an MMO, and its popularity doesn’t seem to be dwindling.

Hitting almost one million active players over the weekend, making it the most played game that day on Steam. With versatile gameplay, satisfying PvP/PvE, and a massive amount of content, New World is a game MMO fans should check out.

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