Run to Win: Lessons in leadership for women who want to change the world

run to win
Run to Win
For the past thirty-five years, EMILY’s List has helped the campaigns of thousands of pro-choice Democratic women, but the most challenging part has always been convincing more women to run. Then Donald Trump was elected, and something shifted into place. American women who were furious and frustrated were looking for a way to channel their outrage into action, united in proclaiming, “If that guy can get elected, why not me?”اضافة اعلان

The day after the 2016 election, dozens of women searched out an old sign-up link buried on the EMILY’s List website. By Thanksgiving, those dozens had grown to a few thousand. And that was only the beginning. By the end of 2018, nearly fifty thousand women signed up to run for office, with scores more signing up each day.

Run to Win is for all women who are looking to lead. Organized around the steps that EMILY’s List coaches its candidates through (from deciding to run to celebrating victory), this book is full of essential lessons for any woman trying to succeed in a male-dominated field. Their arena is politics, but their message is universal, and Stephanie Schriock is the most qualified person to share these lessons. 

Not only is she a powerful figure in politics, but she’s also a woman who commands respect for her astounding success as president of EMILY’s List and a longtime Democratic operative. Her message is uplifting and actionable, her voice is that of your best girlfriend walking you through what you need to consider as you make your plan, and her experience coaching the biggest female candidates in recent elections (including all the female 2020 Democratic presidential candidates) makes her the de facto authority on the strategies women can employ to run, fight, and win, whatever their field or goal.

“Run to Win is an antidote to anxiety and a welcome call to action. I encourage every woman (and a few good men) to dive into Run to Win and take your turn at saving the world.” — Stacey Abrams

“In an age when the consequences of silence have rarely seemed more dire, Run to Win is an antidote to anxiety and a welcome call to action. Stephanie Schriock blends hard-nosed political know-how and her relentless faith in our democracy to guide women through the obstacles and opportunities of elective office. Run to Win demystifies how to tackle the challenges of campaigns, using authentic voices to welcome readers with honesty, compassion, and humor. As one of the women who has benefited from Stephanie’s insights and tenacity, I encourage every woman (and a few good men) to dive into Run to Win and take your turn at saving the world.” — Stacey Abrams, Founder of Fair Fight, Fair Count and the Southern Economic Advancement Project, Former Minority Leader in Georgia House of Representatives, New York Times bestselling author of Our Time Is Now.

“Strong women can change the world — and in Run to Win, Stephanie Schriock gives them an instruction manual for how to do just that. The book is a front row seat to her experience winning tough campaigns and helping hundreds of women get elected” — Chelsea Handler.

About the Authors:

Raised in the copper-mining town of Butte, Montana, Stephanie Schriock has been working to get Democrats elected for twenty-five years. Since Schriock became president of EMILY’s List in 2010, she has overseen a decade of phenomenal growth in the organization, raising hundreds of millions of dollars, helping elect record numbers of women to the House and Senate, and recruiting and training hundreds more. EMILY’s List is now nearly five million members strong.

Christina Reynolds grew up in and around Marine bases across the country but considers herself a Tar Heel. For two decades, she has worked for Democratic officials, from five presidential campaigns to Democratic campaign committees to the Obama White House. She currently serves as the vice president of communications for EMILY’s List.

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