Ticket to Paradise

Clooney and Roberts take on the rom-com

Ticket to Paradise
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AMMAN Ticket to Paradise, a retro-engineered romantic comedy (rom-com) curated for softies everywhere, stars Julia Roberts as Georgia and George Clooney as David, a divorced couple desperately trying to save their daughter from a fate like their own.اضافة اعلان

The movie is filled with arguments, romance, and lessons — ones only a rom-com can pull off. And while that may sound dismissive (and kind of cliché), make no mistake: it is a fun and heartwarming watch.

The movie launches viewers into the midst of a fight between Georgia and David, both expressing how much they hate each other.

As David is playing squash, Georgia sips a cocktail, and they both explain how their marriage was the worst time of their lives.

But, now that they are separated, they are happier than ever.

Once Georgia and David learn that their daughter has a whirlwind romance in Bali that is moving too fast for their own comfort, they, together, decide that she needs to be stopped from making the same bad decision they made: getting married.

Reluctantly agreeing to work together, the ex-couple travel overseas, and the bickering travels with them. Even in moments of supposed celebration — like their daughter Lily’s (Kaitlyn Dever) graduation — they fight. Softer moments of forced tenderness are trickled throughout the movie in a series of — a little suspicious — incidents, like going through turbulence strong enough to force them to grip each other hands for dear life and being booked next to each other at the hotel.

In one notable scene, David and Georgia get drunk and unruly while playing beer pong in a bar in Bali. And much to Lily’s horror, they start dancing to retro classics like Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now).

While the film casts Bali as a postcard-ready fantasy that will entice avid romantics to book flights, it also does not forget that it is a real place, with real people living there. The locals — including Maxime Bouttier as Gede (Lily’s lover) and his dry-humored father Agung Pindha as Wayan — are key to the story, and so are the other actors.

Clooney and Roberts, both aging beautifully, portrayed an assured charisma and allowed themselves to look silly in quite an adorable manner. As this is their fourth film together film, seeing them together was reminiscent of the tumultuous relationship their characters shared as the romantic leads in the Ocean’s Eleven movies.

Although they have racked up quite a bit of screen time together, including 2016’s Money Monster, it is their first proper rom-com. And it succeeded largely because their methods have not changed.

Roberts and Clooney’s draw is secured during a scene in which they play a game of poker. Even in a room full of adults, they stand out. And it is easy to see that no matter how fiercely they fight, they will never sink their claws deep enough to make the other bleed. Things will always settle, and love, inevitably, will bloom.

Seeing Roberts and Clooney fall in love was a delight. It was an even greater delight to see them bickering.

Director Ol Parker’s job was simply to paint around Roberts and Clooney using light and soothing tones, and he succeeded. The film was cast in the same mold as The Best Exotic Hotel Marigold (2011) and Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again! (2018).

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