Video games

Tala Basheer Omar (Photo: Jordan News)

There are lots of games you can play online. Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite are just a few examples of video games. Most children like to play other video games that are just right for them. Of course, you would want to get the best stuff in that game. اضافة اعلان

The game will update once in a while. It will have new features, and new stuff to earn and collect. They may be very hard to get. It will take time. And so, when it does take time it may affect you. Your eyes are on the screen and you wouldn’t want to get out of the game to rest because maybe there is a time limit to get it. So you might have loss of your eyesight. And also you might have lack of energy which can be described as laziness, so when you do exercises you'll get tired easily.

And, that was exactly my problem. I was always so determined to play and did not think of the consequences that could happen. I would only be allowed to play on three certain days if I had school. I always complained on why I couldn’t get to play on school days. And then summer vacation would come and I'd be too busy playing all the time. But, this following year I felt really bored.

Every time I'd join the game and just not do anything. That became good news. I started doing things I have never done before. I started reading books, playing with toys, and going out. I learned new hobbies. And then, if I really wanted to play, I could. When you stop playing video games a bit. You might find yourself learning new hobbies like, swimming, reading, drawing, coloring, and much more. Which of course, is better than playing video games.

Not all video games are just for playing, but there are some that you can practice your education. Although mostly children use them the most, but some video games can be played at exactly your age! Some video games have the option to let you play with friends. Which sounds even more fun. When you play with your friends in a game you feel motivated to continue playing. And you may not feel how many hours you have been playing for.

For me, I think we should all have a stable routine, in which everything has its own time. Like playing video games from a specific hour to another hour. This helps us to avoid health issues. You can also have a time limit on how much you play. You can have a time limit for 2 hours or 3. As long as it is stable!