The re-emasculation of societies

Jawad Anani (Photo: Jordan News)
Jawad Anani (Photo: Jordan News)
In 2015, a fame-seeking French novelist named Michel Houellebecq published a novel titled “Soumission” or “submission,” and it became an instant success. It fueled Islamophobia among conservatives and xenophobes, while it evoked among the liberals the discussion of topics like freedom of expression and freedom of belief. اضافة اعلان

The fact that the book was published on January 7, 2015, enhanced its appeal, because on that day, the offices of the satiric magazine Charlie Hebdo were attacked, and as many as seven employees were killed. The attack was prompted by the magazine’s publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad, causing quite a stir among the 2 billion Muslims of the world.

“Soumission” predicted that in 2022, a Muslim party would win the elections in France, and will use its majority to declare Islamic Sharia Law there. The reason for the success of the Islamic party, according to the author, is Islam’s emphasis on masculinity. Islam allows men to practice polygamy, families are paternalistic, and reproduction is encouraged.

As a result, Muslims produce more children, their males are taught to act more like men, and thus, their status is strong and the Muslim population grows faster than those of other religions.

In light of a growing Muslim population in the Western countries, certain governments in Europe began to limit immigration of Muslims to their respective countries. The rise of conservative political parties in Europe put this demographic change under the spotlight.

Acts of killing and discrimination increased in a number of peaceful countries like Australia, New Zealand, Norway, the US, Germany, France, Hungary, Poland, and even in Austria and Holland. Yet, one must admit that there were equally strong, if not stronger positive reactions from the prime ministers of the Netherlands, Norway, the Democrats in the US, and especially from the prime minister of New Zealand and the chancellor of Germany.

Despite the fact that there is a strong offensive around the world led by liberals to push for sexual freedom and same-gender marriages, there is a countervailing power emerging on the other side.

Islam as a religion forbids same-sex relations and sticks to what is considered normal healthy relations, which, in essence, are puritan in their most intrinsic form. The fact that there are violations, and flagrant ones in some Muslim countries, should not be construed as an evidence to the contrary. 

Muslims allow marriage in its contractual forms in order to maintain clean genealogical records. Moreover, while adoption is allowed, adopted children cannot carry the family names of their adopters.

In a recent report, the headline read “China proposes teaching masculinity to boys as state is alarmed by changing gender roles.” In 1981, and after the population census of that year, China adopted the controversial decision to limit families to one child. Forty years later, the negative impact of that decision became very clear. Boys were over-spoilt, and the skewed birth bias to males shrunk the female population. This trend, buttressed by the policy of gender equality, eventually culminated in refrainment by both sexes from marriage and having children of their own.

Given the fact that China’s population is aging, and that boys prefer the easy life while women are replacing men in many jobs, the Chinese military establishment is quite concerned.

Reverting back to the laws of nature is the best policy. In Islam, Al-fassad, or corruption, means “the practice of changing things from the nature in which God had created them.”

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