Peace or rounds of blood and horror

Fahed Khitan (Photo: Jordan News)
International peace efforts may succeed in the coming days, putting an end to Israeli aggression on Gaza. But this will not be the final round of clashes and Jerusalem will remain a highly volatile issue. The occupation, Gaza blockade, torment of Palestinians at borders, and stripping them of all their freedom are all violations that may backfire against the Israelis at every chance.اضافة اعلان

Security and occupation can never last together, and Israel will pay the price for leaning towards extremism, should it remain as it is.

Technically, occupation governments have turned to a group of terrorists in the last years. The most extreme and arrogant politicians hold the majority of seats at the Knesset today, and control government formations.

This behavior cannot go by without a Palestinian reaction; the more Israel persists with its oppressive and degrading policies, the more Palestinians will hold on to their right to resistance, and the majority of them will even reroute towards the option of armed resistance.

What has Israel gained from the policy of isolating and blockading the Gaza Strip? The resistance is still alive. In fact, its military capacities have advanced, to the point where it was able to overwhelm and cripple the strongest defensive missile system.

The Israeli society has moved closer to radicalization and extremism in the recent years, with the majority voting for parties and groups that do not care for peace, do not recognize Palestinians’ historical rights, and support Judaization and settlements. With the support of the former US administration in this approach, the occupation government overstepped all the lines, with the blessings of Trump and the Zionist gang flanking him. Israel was granted US recognition of occupied Jerusalem as the capital of the occupying force, as well as the recognition of the annexation of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights, and the legitimization of settlements across all Palestinian territories, amid an unprecedented wave of contempt for international legitimacy and Security Council resolutions.

A belief that has since been proven a delusion, has prevailed at the time, stipulating that normalization with Arab states would be the historic substitute for a solution to the Palestinian cause and giving the Palestinians an independent state on their national land.

Many in the US administration and in Israel underestimated the warnings of Jordan and His Majesty King Abdullah regarding the ramifications of these mad moves on the security and stability of the region. They said at the time “We’ve taken these decisions on Jerusalem and we see none of Jordan’s warnings manifesting on the ground.”

Today, you can see with your own eyes the results of crimes you have committed against the Palestinian people, and those of your disregard for their dignity and their human and national rights. The occupied West Bank and Gaza are not the only ones alight with resistance and intifada; it is all of historical Palestine, and what is happening in Arab-Israeli cities is proof.

The delusions of the “Deal of the Century” and its creator, Jared Kushner, have completely fallen apart, and there is no longer value for all that was stolen by Israel, which was rightfully for the Palestinians.

The Jerusalemite and Palestinian resistance and intifada have brought the conflict back to square one; to the time before the deal of the century and all subsequent steps. Israeli society must realize this fact and reconsider its electoral calculations.

The ultra-right and the terrorist group have lied to you and to themselves, and the moral is simple and explicit: You will not have security until the Palestinian people get their legitimate rights, and if anyone does not believe this, let them wait for future rounds of blood and horror.

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