Our options against Israeli aggression

Fahed Khitan
Fahed Khitan (Photo: Jordan News)
When it comes to facing the “Deal of the Century,” Jordan has tested some of the most difficult and dangerous options than any diplomatic measures that could possibly be taken.اضافة اعلان

With the regional train of normalization in motion, many in and outside the region have claimed that Jordan and Palestine’s approach to peace — a two state solution — is dead.

The general impression was that the regional solution had surpassed Palestinian parameters and Jordan’s role in the matters of a final solution, as well as custodianship over Muslim and Christian holy sites.

Jordan did not raise a white flag and Palestinians remained steadfast in their survival and rejection of the deal. Everyone had been anticipating the dire consequences that Jordan could have faced for standing against the White House. It is no secret that Jordan, at the official and highest level, had braced itself for the worst, which could have included the severing of US aid and other, more extreme measures. But for the moment, it has not occurred to policymakers to address the deal’s outcomes. The announcement of which at the White House — in the presence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — turned into a diplomatic battle that saw various parties pressuring Jordan to attend. Yet the Kingdom did not give in.

As journalists, we have seen Jordan take difficult diplomatic stances that have resulted in major risks, but Jordan has not waivered. If researchers in the future had the chance to study the archive of Jordan-US communication over the past four years, they would find documents that testify to King Abdullah’s honorable stances regarding the Palestinian cause, which His Majesty insisted on documenting in handwritten letters that assure the utmost attachment to Jordanian national interests and the parameters of a fair solution to the Palestinian cause.

At a time when Jordanian-Israeli relations were at their worst, coupled with massive tension in relations with the unprecedentedly biased former US administration, Jordan insisted on canceling the Baqoura and Al-Ghamr land leasing agreements, restoring Jordan’s absolute sovereignty over them.

It would have been easy for Jordan to play a game of popular deception with diplomatic measures against Israel in exchange for letting the lease agreement slide as it had been pressured to do so by Netanyahu and a Zionist team from the Trump administration. But it chose the honest and difficult solution and announced through the direct words of His Majesty King Abdullah, in a letter to the Trump administration, that it would not renew the agreement.

Abiding by its position was more costly for Jordan than any diplomatic measure; in the shadow of a US administration that had no regard for any of its allies. We have seen how the Trump administration treated major EU nations and even its neighbors, like Canada.

Jordan has a wide range of options, the most important of which is holding to the stances that serve Jordan’s higher interest and those of the Palestinian people. At various milestones in Jordan-Israel relations, the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador or recall of the Jordanian ambassador from Tel Aviv was an available option, as was the case when shots were fired at Jordanians in the Amman embassy.

 These options and others are once again available as potential responses to Israel’s brutal aggression against the Palestinian people, which has entailed the eviction of Jerusalemites from their homes in Sheikh Jarrah. But from experience these options have not been and are unlikely to be the most effective. What is most important now is to hold our stance and surround Israel at international events, in addition to garnering the support of major international powers and imposing the authority of international humanitarian law.

We have tested the strength of solid stances against the “Deal of the Century”, which were enough to disrupt it. History has proven that any attempts to supersede the Palestinian cause and Jordan’s role are destined to fail.

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