Israel’s bloody game

Jawad Anani
(Photo: Jordan News)
Every year is “deja vu all over again,” as the Yankee’s Yogi Berra used to say, with the many Jewish religious occasions giving way to zealots invading the sanctity of Islamic holy places in Jerusalem and Hebron under the cover of the Israeli occupation forces’ protective rubber bullets. And as usual, a number of Palestinian youth are killed in cold blood.اضافة اعلان

If the Israeli government suffers a sudden rush of lenience and decides to withdraw its troops from an occupied place, or releases a Palestinian prisoner-of-resistance, it must exact a blood tax from the Palestinian youth when they express their jubilation.

After His Majesty King Abdullah’s meeting with President Joe Biden, most of us were optimistic that the new American administration would take speedy actions to convince the new Israeli government that it must stop acts that can be construed as crimes against humanity. 

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas gave a surprisingly bold speech to the UN’s 76th General Assembly annual meeting. He came very close to admitting that his style of peace-seeking has run its course, and that it is the right time to adopt a paradigm shift. 

The new course would not use violence or armed resistance to deal with the longest occupation in the world, but it would start a process of daily protestations until the world wakes up from the false impression that Bennet is different from Netanyahu. Both obviously come from the same stock.

The catch-22, which Palestinians find themselves in, can be summarized as follows: If they escalate their resistance to Israeli crimes, they will be reminded that the current Israeli government must survive. If the Palestinians don’t resist, they will be reinforcing the idea that Israeli extremists can continue with their violations.

The Palestinians are not, and will not, abandon their homeland. Their history in Palestine over the last four millennia has not been invented. They do not need myths to justify their presence. I advise the Israelis to give the Palestinians their human rights. If a nudge comes to a shove, it is the Israelis who are the Goyim, not the Palestinians.

The Americans and the Europeans that are pressing more Arab countries to normalize with Israel must ask the Israelis to end their flagrant abuse of human rights, stop the religiously brain-washed Israeli youth from marauding in Muslim holy places, open their Palestine consulates in Jerusalem, and cover the UNRWA budget deficit; all as a prelude to starting negotiations with the endgame objectives clearly enunciated and achievable in a short period of time that is specified.

 Short of that, who cares whether the current Israeli government stays or dissolves into oblivion.

King Abdullah is correct in constantly reminding everyone that it has more than 73 since Israel was acknowledged, more than 54 years since the occupation of 1967, and 27 years since the beginning of the Madrid Process.

Stopping these games is a necessary step for the world if we want to meet the challenges of climate deterioration, economic crises, wars, and hunger. 

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