The freedom tunnel

Omar Eltaweel
Omar Eltaweel (Photo: Jordan News)
While most of the world looks at the Gilboa prison escape with awe, comparing it to movies and shows about prison breaks, we look at it from a whole different angle.اضافة اعلان

The Israeli occupation propaganda machine has been, and is still to this day, working relentlessly to alter the truth and facts on the ground to further their cause: Whether they have the right to be in Palestine; whether there were any Palestinians in 1948; if there were, whether they existed before 1948; and if they did, whether they’re human enough to be treated as such.

This is all not to mention the planting of false archeological footprints, which fail to convince anyone, and Israel’s systematic aggression against Palestinians in a failed attempt to exhaust them into submission.

The propaganda machine has spewed myths over decades that dispute the indigenous right of the Palestinian people to their land while trying to manufacture Israeli claims of historical links to the same land. Such attempts have failed, as have attempts to force Palestinians into submission.

Incidents like the freedom tunnel bring them back to square one every time. No matter how powerful their military is, they will always face a prison break, a stone against the tank, the rejection of every checkpoint whether physical or metaphorical, and the weekly mini-revolutions after each Friday prayer at Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The occupation knows very well the power of the Palestinians, did you know that the Palestinians are mentioned in the old testament as “the mighty people”? (So much for not existing prior to 1948.) This alone might explain the use of disproportionate power against peaceful citizens, be they children, women, or helpless old men. It is evident that they will always live in fear.

This article does not explain a prophecy. It is a reminder to us all that power by itself has never been enough to rule, prosper, or live in peace; a state must find a mechanism and means to be fair, where justice prevails and lets all citizens be equal in front of the law. Of course, in Israel’s case, this means the end of colonial settlements and settler attacks, not to mention the confiscation of land and the uprooting of trees older than the state of Israel itself. Basically, to live in peace Israel must abolish apartheid.

We can’t accept racism, aggression, war crimes, the arrest and detention of children, and the killing of peaceful worshippers.
This is why we call the incident of escaped prisoners from Gilboa prison “the freedom tunnel” — it is another step in the fight for freedom.

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