Germany overlooks genocide, first the Jews and now the Palestinians

Olaf Scholz
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Germany wants to atone for its historical sins at the expense of Palestine and its people, and with a new moral failure in its policies, it joined Israel's defense case in the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Friday in the face of its accusation of committing and defending genocide. اضافة اعلان

It has yet to learn lessons from the horrific history of its crimes in World War II, the genocide it committed against the people of Namibia in 1905, and its silent participation in the crimes of genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire, an ally of the German Empire in World War I, for which it has only apologized for.

It cannot proclaim its adherence to the UN Convention Against Genocide since it stands by acts of genocide and the Holocaust committed by the Israeli occupation against Palestinians. 

In a statement broadcast by press agencies, the German spokesman stated that "the German government strongly and frankly rejects the accusations directed against Israel before the ICJ of committing genocide."

He goes on to say, "This accusation has no basis in truth at all." 

Despite the many agonizing casualties among our people in Gaza, particularly children, and the total collapse of living conditions as a result of the genocide war and the denial of water, power, fuel, and medicine.

Germany, on the other hand, contends that none of this amounts to genocide, claiming that its support for Israel originates from its own responsibility to Israel as a result of the Nazi extermination of Jews during World War II.

“It has yet to learn lessons from the horrific history of its crimes in World War II”

The German spokesperson said, “In light of Germany’s history, crimes against humanity, and the Holocaust, the government is particularly committed to the UN Convention on Genocide,” also adding, “The German government supports the ICJ in its work, as it has done for many decades, and in doing so, the government intends to intervene as a third party in the main session.

On Friday, the Israeli occupation began defending itself before the ICJ rejected accusations of genocide, but it also failed to present any convincing arguments or evidence.

South Africa, a country that has historical rights, sought to bring international justice and support Palestinians. The country filed the case before the ICJ, directly accusing Israel of genocide against Palestinians in Gaza during its ongoing and devastating military attack and aggression. 

The friendly country of South Africa, which defeated the crime of apartheid, also asked the court to take temporary measures to protect the Palestinian people until the case is decided, including demanding and obligating Israel to stop military attacks immediately.

Despite all this, Germany, which effectively leads the European Union (EU), remains as committed as the US and Britain towards the occupying state of Israel, despite the growing anger around the world regarding the language and behavior of the acts of genocide being carried out against our people and the ongoing wave of isolation of Israel among the peoples of the world. Including the people of Germany, on whom the Minister of the Interior imposed punitive measures regarding the solidarity demonstrations.

While Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that his government was working to facilitate the "voluntary migration" of Palestinians out of Gaza, their minister Amichai Eliyahu said earlier last November that dropping a nuclear bomb on Gaza "is an option."

“Germany, which effectively leads the European Union (EU), remains as committed as the US and Britain towards the occupying state of Israel, despite the growing anger”

Even so, “there is only one place for Germany, and that is to stand firmly alongside Israel. This is what we mean when we say that Israel’s security was and will remain the main motivation for the actions of the German state,” German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said shortly after the start of the brutal war, adding, “Our history and the responsibility we bear as a result of the Holocaust make it our permanent mission to defend the existence and security of the State of Israel.”

Despite the 100 days of the genocidal war carried out with utter brutality by the Israeli occupation, this German position has not changed.

German Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck said in a statement during a joint press conference with Israeli Economy Minister Nir Barkat in Jerusalem on January 11 that “Israel has every right to defend itself.”

In the same meeting, Israeli official Nir Barkat criticized the ICJ for its alleged bias against Israel, which is consistent with all of the accusations leveled by the occupying state against international and human rights organizations around the world when discussing the issue of our Palestinian people, as well as the ready-made accusations of anti-Semitism and denial. The Holocaust and the reality that Israel is history's sole victim against anybody who opposes their policies and the crimes of their state, including anti-Zionist Jews. 

However, the German position was consistent with past behavior. Long before October 7, Germany had also served as Israel's main defender against the International Criminal Court (ICC), which had been urged to look into the case of war crimes committed by Israeli individuals against Palestinians.

In February 2020, Germany filed an amicus curiae opinion, arguing that the ICC could not launch a formal investigation against the Israelis because, in their view, Palestine did not meet the definition of a state under the Rome Statute.

Part of the delay in the case is related to countries such as Germany, which has continued to say that the case cannot proceed due to legal or technical problems.

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