Exporting crises to Jordan

maher abu tair
Maher Abu Tair (Photo: Jordan News)
Israel insists on carrying on with its policies of exporting crises to Jordan, and everyone knows that the Palestinian issue has an impact on Jordan, for political and geographic considerations, as the impacts of the Palestinian issue cannot be separated from Jordan, as the geography and history of the two are intertwined in a way that they can never be broken.اضافة اعلان

The presumably departing head of the Israeli government has bears personal animosity towards Jordan, and he has a history of some practices that render him a heavy weight on Jordan’s chest, and, in all cases, his departure would be welcome, particularly since his policies have descended to the level of pressuring Jordan through Al-Aqsa Mosque, which Jordan cannot respond to in an ordinary manner as if it is just a passing strain in relations.

Some people might say that Israel released Jordanians Musab Al-Daajah and Khalifa Al-Anouz due to political and security communications with Jordan, which, according to these people, proves that sustaining a relationship with the Israelis is important for coordination on some issues and for resolving crises. But people holding this opinion forget larger and more dangerous acts that threaten Jordan, in terms of its interests, location and policies, not to mention that the release of the detainees came ahead of any negotiated prisoner exchange process.

Nothing proves this more than the return of Israeli practices against Al-Aqsa Mosque, with daily storming of the mosque. In fact, the cancelled or postponed media march might return next Tuesday, or at any time, not to mention that Israel has alternative policies, such as allowing huge numbers of settlers to storm Al-Aqsa on a daily basis, to compensate for the media march, which means that Israel is again threatening Al-Aqsa, which is under the custodianship of Jordan, and, on top of that, resurfacing the potential of flaring up the situation in Palestine, Jerusalem and Gaza, like we witnessed during Ramadan.

On Thursday, we might witness huge raids on Al-Aqsa by settlers, which means that the next few hours will be very sensitive. There are also plans for bigger moves next week by Israel, which is trying to save face following the hits it took. However, through these attempts, it is attacking Jordan and the custodianship on the one hand, and the Palestinians on the other.

Jordan continues to express its political stance towards Israel in a cool and gradual manner, considering logistical communications with Israel the halt of which would be undesirable, while it is also undesirable to make the West anxious towards the Jordanian stance, in addition to the pretext used by officials, calling for the necessity of patience, until the formation of the new Israeli government is completed, might is reposition itself in the relationship with Jordan compared to Netanyahu. These determinants, along with the wager on the re-launching of Palestinian-Israeli negotiations, might not collectively lead to changes in Israel as much as it would impact decision making in Jordan, while Israel carries on with the same policies, including the military assault of Al-Aqsa Mosque, and launching assaults against it through all means.

It is very dangerous for us carry on in the same manner, while it is proven every time, that Israel is a primary threat to Jordan, its interests, and its existence, particularly since all Israeli practices are reflected in the Jordan domestically, in terms of popular reaction. This is in addition to the fact that attacking Al-Aqsa Mosque is deemed a direct assault against the stature of Jordan and the custodianship over Al-Haram Al-Sharif. I see no difference between the departing Israeli government and the incoming one, particularly since all sides in Israel are appeasing settlers by all means possible, despite the heavy bills on the Jordanian and Palestinian sides.

The relationship between Jordan and Israel has to be reassessed on the highest levels, by reassessing its dangers and costs on all levels.

Al-Aqsa is a Jordanian-Palestinian issue, and Israel is threatening Jordan with this issue on a daily basis.

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