Constants and benefits

Rula Samain (Photo: Jordan News)
Rula Samain (Photo: Jordan News)
In life there are certain constants. Once we understand rather than fear them, and become aware of rather than ignore them, life becomes easier.
اضافة اعلان
These constants are traditionally general, and can hence be personal and applicable to our everyday life.

One constant is that humans everywhere are connected together, thus the famous phrase “humanity connects us all”.

Much like the care and attention one provides to oneself, one’s relation with others should be built on bases of respect and care, believing in the fact that if we deliberately inflicted pain on others, we are actually harming part of ourselves.

Living in love is another constant.  Personally, I perceive love as the cure to many, if not all, of today’s agonies, both at the social and personal levels.

If realized, its presence and importance in our daily lives, nourish and feed it — we will be able to reach balanced thinking and behavior.

Love serves societies as much as laws and regulations do, and thus should become the foundation on which our daily matters are executed.

The difference is that while laws and regulations are forced, living in love is done willingly, and lasts much longer.

Some people talk about several types of love but all eventually mean sincerity, honesty, charity, assisting, and trust.

It is the equivalent in meaning to citizenship.

The opposite of love is never hate. It can be indifference, but it surely is corruption.

Another constant is the human path of maturity; growing up and moving ahead, similar to strong tree branches.

In some cases, branches show signs of weakness, or catch diseases. These are either treated in the early stages or better cut off.

Hence is the focus on youth, the future generations.

The more we invest in their morals and their mental and physical heath, the brighter the future will look. There is always a discussion on improving education, correcting the curricula, and training educators, which is all important, but not enough. Only when able to succeed in investing in students’ mind, body, and soul, and perceive these three as one unit, only then we will succeed.

The power of positive words.  Each of us is in need of genuine appreciation, applause, praise, and encouragement.

Something good can be said to everyone at any time.  Thus, healthy societies are the flourishing ones, in which respect and appreciation are rooted.

And so, in our path for social correction, the focus and the attention should not be concentrated on what is already deformed and distorted, but rather on acquiring new methods guided by the constants, reviving the riches of the past, and living up to the promises of tomorrow.

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