The magical bag that cooks and keeps food at a constant temperature

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(Photos: Magic Bag’s website)
AMMAN — Magic Bag is a forward-thinking, environmentally conscious firm that manufactures thermally insulated bags designed to keep food at a constant temperature, hot or cold. The bags can also be used for slow cooking. اضافة اعلان

Magic Bag’s products, which are made of high-quality textiles in attractive designs, are a stylish and eco-friendly way to store, cook, and carry food.

 Reem Ramadan, founder and owner of Magic Bag, told Jordan News that she launched her company in 2018, as she was always interested in handicrafts and household duties. During a search on the Internet in 2015, she discovered a cooking bag from South Africa, but it was too expensive to ship to Jordan. That encouraged her to make her own cooking bag.

 “The first cooking bag result was excellent, so I began making them for people I knew, and since then, there has been a high demand for them, so, I launched my small business and named it Magic Bag,” Ramadan said.

The magic bag is also known as “Buqja”, which is an Arabic word meaning bundle, a bag or sack that wraps around things, whether clothes or food.

(Photos: Magic Bag’s website)

“Buqja is anything that holds things, and the name was picked to reflect the shape and design of the bag, while the name in English is Magic Bag, which was chosen to express the bag’s almost magical qualities, which maintain food temperature,” Ramadan said.

The bag maintains the temperature of frozen foods, cold food and hot foods, and is ideal for picnics. By placing bubbling hot food in the bag, the residual heat continues to cook the food inside the bag, therefore reducing the amount of cooking fuel used to cook a meal. The food remains hot inside the bag, which eliminates the need for reheating, further reducing electricity consumption.

 Ramadan works in collaboration with local women in the Bayader Wadi Al-Seer neighborhood. “I began working with one woman, and as demand grew, there were a number of women working,” she said, adding that all cooking bags are handmade and most of the materials used in producing the bag are locally sourced. 

 “Working with Magic Bag helped local women a lot, as our project is intended to support them,” she said.

(Photos: Magic Bag’s website)

Ramadan said that in the beginning, they used modern fabrics, but after an increase in the number of international orders, she wanted to use a fabric that reflected Arab culture. She decided to use a fabric called ‘Al Sadu’, which is fabric embroidered with geometric shapes in the Bedouin style. “Out of our pride in this industry, we put tags of “made in Jordan” on all our products,” Ramadan said.

 The cooking bags are available in various sizes: small, medium, and large, to meet all cooking and food storage and carrying needs. Ramadan said that the cooking bag maintains the temperature of the food put in it for up to four to five hours. 

(Photos: Magic Bag’s website)

 The company’s products line expanded to include ‘Labaneh’ bag, a herb dryer, kitchen box, lunch bag, and things used for  picnics such as picnic blankets. “These products were inspired by the problems that women face, as they help them in many household chores,” Ramadan said.

 A “Labaneh” bag is used to strain yoghurt and is the traditional way to make the local cottage cheese known as Labneh. The herb dryer is constructed out of mesh and comes in a stylish storage case. It is perfect for drying all types of green leafy herbs, fruits, flowers, and some vegetables, and it can hold a great quantity of plants and herbs in a small space. It also comes with a metal clasp hook to effortlessly hang the herb dryer, whether outdoors or indoors.

(Photos: Magic Bag’s website)

She said that the company is working on more products to help women with chores around the house, in addition, they are keen for feedback from specialists such as chefs before launching the product on the market.
“People who have tried our products have shown us a lot of moral support, which makes us extremely happy,” Ramadan said.

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