Israel plans to approve Gaza residents' travel to turkey via Ramon Airport

Ramon Eilat
(Photo: Ramon Airport)
AMMAN — According to a report by an Israeli newspaper, Israeli occupation authorities are planning to approve the travel of Gaza residents to Turkey through Israel's Ramon Airport in the Negev region. اضافة اعلان

Sources described as "informed" have indicated that the first flights carrying Gazans to Turkey could potentially begin operating in July, pending approval from security agencies and political levels in Israel, reported Amad News.

The flights are part of a trial program that may be adopted in the future.

Evaluating the plans
The report suggests that Israeli security agencies are currently evaluating the plan and making preparations to implement strict security measures for Gazan passengers before their boarding. It is claimed that two flights are already being planned to transport Palestinians from Ramon Airport to Turkey in July.

According to sources from Gaza quoted by the channel, these flights will be available to Gaza residents over the age of 35, but they will require a special security permit issued by the Israeli authorities.

The travelers from Gaza will reach Ramon Airport via a passenger transport car departing from the Beit Hanoun crossing.

Current procedures
It should be noted that individuals from Gaza seeking to travel abroad, holding permits for foreign travel, currently have to go through Jordan via the Karama crossing after departing from the Beit Hanoun crossing. They can then continue their journey from Queen Alia Airport in Jordan.

The Israeli occupation authorities previously launched a pilot program allowing Palestinians to travel from Ramon Airport to Europe in response to pressure from the US.

The first flight of this program was organized to Larnaca, Cyprus, on August 22, 2022.

This decision to facilitate travel for Gaza residents to Turkey via Ramon Airport is seen as a response to requests from Israeli circles to support Hamas rule by granting additional privileges and economic facilitations.

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