Travel through Ramon airport will affect Jordan’s aviation sector

(File photo: Jordan News)
AMMAN — The facilities to be provided by Israel’s Ramon International Airport to Palestinian travelers will make them dispense with the services offered by Queen Alia International Airport, Palestinian sources were quoted by Khaberni as saying.اضافة اعلان

Palestinian sources said that Turkey will allow Palestinian passport holders in without a visa, starting with next year.

The sources added that access to Ramon airport will be possible through Al-Dhahiriya crossing, starting early next week initially for Bethlehem and Hebron residents.

The sources said that Israel has set up a single checkpoint at the Dhahiriya crossing for travelers leaving for the airport.

Palestinian travelers may apply for a travel permit without the need for a magnetic card, and the permit will be issued within a maximum of 48 hours, according to the sources, who added that the cost of transportation from the Dhahiriya crossing point to the airport will be around 75 shekels (equivalent of JD16) per passenger.

The flights will be as follows: first to Turkey, followed by Cyprus, Georgia, and then certain European points, before reaching Sharm El-Sheikh and Dubai. The flight schedules will be decided by the Israeli airport administration.

Turkey will be allowing Palestinian passport holders to enter its territory without the need to issue a visa, starting 2023.

The sources stressed that only Palestinian passport holders will be allowed to travel. Temporary or permanent Jordanian passport holders will not be allowed to travel through the airport at this time.

According to Fly Jordan director Ibrahim Shati, the opening of the Ramon Airport to the Palestinians will pose a danger and destroy the Jordanian aviation sector, as Palestinians constitute 70 percent of Jordanian airlines customers.

He said that the complex and difficult procedures followed at the King Hussein Bridge contribute to pushing Palestinians to travel through Ramon Airport, which is adjacent to the southern city of Eilat.

The Jordanian aviation sector with its three companies will suffer greatly if Ramon Airport is opened, he had said before the Israeli airport opened to Palestinians.

Former MP Amjad Al-Maslamani called on the government to open the crossings 24 hours a day to help the Palestinians and support the local economy.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Jordanian Tourism and Travel Agents Association, Mahmoud Al-Khasawneh, had warned of a significant negative impact on Jordan after the opening of Ramon Airport.

Khasawneh said that the Palestinians’ travelling through Ramon instead of Jordan will affect Jordanian tourism directly, because when they come to Jordan, they spend on hotels, buy gifts for relatives in Jordan or in the West Bank upon return, and buy tickets from Jordanian airlines.

Khasawneh asked the government to take several measures, most notably, facilitate and simplify the procedures for Palestinians to travel to Jordan through the crossings, provide large places to receive the largest possible number of travelers, and increase the number of buses operating between the two borders.

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